The First Thing You See in These 10 Illusions May Reveal a Lot About Your Inner Mind
The First Thing You See in These 10 Illusions May Reveal a Lot About Your Inner Mind© Provided by Tiffy Taffy

Your inner mind is something you may not be in tune with. These 10 illusions will help you figure that out! If you're anything like me, you might remember always feeling slightly left out as a child. Particularly so with other kids and making friends was not a fluent task for you. Because of this, my parents were set off on a flourish of worry, and I was taken to a series of child therapists who played with dolls with me and asked a bunch of weird questions. Even though I remember my childhood being rather a happy one, I had my own range of issues, such as shyness. I also have strong memories of the therapist showing me pictures and asking me what I see. This is quite a common practice, and not just with children.

These are a series of images that are technically an illusion of many images together. It is our brains that can’t comprehend all the images simultaneously. Therefore, your friend might see a different image first than what you did. You might even need to show your friend the image and how you saw it, as their mind can't perceive it. This is due to them focusing rather on what they value personally. What each person perceives first might reflect a lot about their character. While this is purely speculative and not based on any hard science, it’s still fun to do! Here is a collection of 10 illusions for you to see what you perceive first. Maybe you'll learn something about yourself, or confirm what you already know! Have fun! Speculate! Be insightful!

What do you see first in these 10 illusions?

aeon© Provided by Tiffy Taffy

Do you see a Rabbit or a Duck?

  • If you see the duck first, maybe you are a person of artistic interest or creative but undisciplined in your activities every day.
  • If you see the rabbit first, maybe you are a factual and logical person who enjoys weighing out all options. What do you think? Did you see the duck or rabbit first?
powerfulmind© Provided by Tiffy Taffy

Did you see the crocodile or a boat first?

  • If you see the crocodile first, maybe you are likely to be someone who sees’s the bigger picture in most aspects of your life. You are also probably quite practical and don’t enjoy taking risks.
  • If you see the boat first, perhaps it’s that you are good with the finer details, and nothing gets by your keen eye! You are probably quite a unique and creative person, too.

Number 3 out of 10 illusions. Which is a larger ball?

  • If you perceive the ball at the back to be larger, then perhaps you are a person who takes charge of situations, a born leader. Your success lies in your attention to detail.
  • If you perceive the ball at the front to be larger, it may mean you prefer not to be in the limelight, making decisions and delegating. But you are often sought after for advice.
powerfulmind© Provided by Tiffy Taffy

The old man or the woman?

  • Did you see the older man first? Maybe it means that you tend to hold onto too much worry in your life, and those worries hold you back. You are likely to be a gentle soul who is both sensitive and empathetic.
  • If you see the woman first, it could be said you are an excellent problem solver and quick thinker in difficult situations. It’s also probably true that you are an analytical and thoughtful, calculated person.

Halfway through the 10 illusions. Do you see ears or mountains covered with snow?

  • If you see the snow-covered mountains first, maybe you are perceptive of your 6th sense – your intuition. You follow your gut feelings as they have never let you down.
  • If you see the bears first, perhaps you are rational and systematic. You leave making decisions for the last moment to make sure you understand all factors included.
girlstyle© Provided by Tiffy Taffy

This is an interesting one!A baby, a couple or trees?

  • If you see the baby first, it may mean you are an extremely considerate person, always lending out a hand for help. You empathize easily and always try to understand better.
  • If you see the couple, perhaps you truly understand the value of action and consequence. You are great at organizing and delegating which are leadership qualities that you take really seriously.
  • If you see the trees first, chances are that you are very outgoing, you enjoy new experiences, too. You thrive during change, unlike most other people.

A lion, a fish, a gorilla, or a tree? What did you spot first?

  • If you see the lion first, it might mean you are a courageous and strong-willed person who openly follows their gut.
  • If you see the tree first, maybe you are too much of a realist to be convinced of anything against your beliefs. You are competent and determined.
  • If you see the gorilla first, perhaps you are resilient, yet stubborn and you tend to overthink. You love to prove your point and can be self-critical.
  • If you see the fish first, your mindset may be naturally optimistic, leading you always to see the beauty and the bright side of life. Your positivity is often manipulated by others.
Girlstyle© Provided by Tiffy Taffy

Nearly done with these 10 illusions! Do you see a car or binoculars?

  • If you see the car first perhaps you are a nature lover and protector. You often feel the need to disappear into the quiet of the wild to avoid the hustle and bustle of society. Travel and freedom are also likely to be of big importance to you
  • If you see the binoculars first, you probably are someone who makes good first impressions of people or judgments of character due to learned patterns of characteristics. It also indicates that you're a more analytical person. 

Which color stands out the most?

  • If you notice yellow the most, maybe you have a grounded and calming nature about you. You dislike making a fuss out of the small things in life. You are adaptable and open to change.
  • If you notice royal blue the most, we bet you have a fine attention to detail which brings out the perfectionist in you.
  • If you notice turquoise the most, your imagination is always active. You always take action, being not afraid of risks.

The last of the 10 illusions! Do you see a frog or a horse?

  • If you see the horse first, you may tend to over-analyze everything, which may make you seem slow to others, but you like to develop your own opinion without the influence of others.
  • If you see the frog first, perhaps you are confident in your way of thinking and speaking. You treat people in a certain way and expect the same in return.

Do you agree with the outcome of these 10 illusions?

Let us know your thoughts about your results in the comments! If you enjoyed these, why not check out some similar mind puzzles?

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Editor’s Note: This article is only meant to be fun and speculative and not based on hard science. Any claims based on the images are for entertainment purposes only.