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I  know someone who was just killed in one of  these  scooters tampa .......guy never  saw  him neighbours  son  ....killed instantly ........that is the second incident i have  heard of  this week .......


After finishing a shift in the neural trauma unit, an ICU nurse has taken to TikTok to “literally beg” viewers to stay off of e-scooters — and now, her warning is going viral.

Travel ICU nurse and TikToker @nurse.chen gained over 4.8 million views, 666,000 likes, 59,000 saves and 17,000 comments when she shared her PSA to the app.

Now, much like the mortician mom who revealed the toys she’ll never allow her kids to have@nurse.chen‘s plea has people rethinking their “fun” summertime plans.

The video — captioned “[I’m] literally begging you” — starts with @nurse.chen pleading, “If you have never seen me, if you have never listened to a single word I have ever said, please remember this … Do not get on these motorized scooters!”

By “motorized scooters,” @nurse.chen was referencing rentable e-scooters — such as Lime or Bird scooters — typically found in major cities.

She then describes the patients she’s seen who have suffered serious injuries as a result of using e-scooters. “I had a patient a little while ago, younger than me — I’m 26 — on a motorized scooter, fell, broke their back, now they’re paralyzed.”

In another example, after falling from an e-scooter, @nurse.chen asserts that a patient suffered a traumatic brain injury and, as a result, had to have a craniotomy — which, according to Johns Hopkins, is the surgical removal of part of the bone from the skull to expose the brain.

“Y’all, [e-scooters] are freaking death traps,” @nurse.chen says. “I know they’re fun, you wanna ride around the city with your friends this summertime — don’t do it. … I promise you, it’s not worth it.”

How to safely ride an e-scooter

For those who choose not to heed @nurse.chen‘s warnings, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends the following safety tips when riding an e-scooter:

  • Wear a helmet and knee/elbow pads
  • Check for damage on e-scooter
  • Test the brakes
  • Alert others and be seen, and do not make abrupt/unpredictable movements
  • Watch out for obstacles, such as uneven surfaces, cracks and small objects
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars, and items off
  • Slow down and lean back when riding over bumps
  • Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Ride solo
  • Avoid distractions while riding
  • No stunts
  • Follow all manufacturer directions
  • Park correctly
  • Report problems
  • Ride responsibly for you and others

“E-scooters are a fun and efficient way to travel, but they can be dangerous. Unsafe riding and collisions can cause serious injury or death,” the CPSC states.

‘Say it louder for the people in the back’

TikTokers who also work in the medical field took to @nurse.chen‘s comment section to weigh in on her PSA.

“People have no idea all the crazy stuff we see in the hospital,” @tealrenee.

“As an EMT…I be trying to tell them,” @rajaalejandriaaa.

“👏👏👏 MICU RN here. Say it louder for the people in the back,” @af.quiros.

“I worked in the morgue 28 yrs, scream it from the roof tops! I see ppl fly past me on those and the atv with little kids I wanna scream!” @gagaintexas.

“I’m married to an ICU RN. Nothing is fun anymore,” @realhousewifeofbend.

To this, @nurse.chen replied, “We’re just keeping you safe!” She then jokingly advised, “Join a book club!😂”

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