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White Woman Loses Job After Viral TikTok Sees Her Harassing Black Man Fishing in His Neighborhood


I Get harassed when i Go fishing because these privileged people don’t think i live in this nice neighborhood! #racistneighborhood #fishinggonewrong #ijustwanttofish #oldladyharrassingme #iliveinthisneighborhood

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Another Karen got her just desserts.

A white woman in Georgia was fired from her job after the company found out she harassed a Black man while he was fishing. The proof came via a viral TikTok that the man, Anthony Gibson, shared.

WSB -TV reports that Gibson was fishing at the lake in his neighborhood in Newnan when the woman came up to him and started playing 20 questions.

“Are you guys residents here?” she asked. Gibson’s companion responded, “Are we bothering anyone?”

“This lake is for residents only,” the Karen added. At that point, she saw Gibson was recording a video and said she didn’t give him permission to film her.

Gibson—who has over 46,000 followers and 1.3 million likes on his @fishingbay2ga page—said during the clip, “This the third person, this is the third person, y’all. I’m in my own neighborhood and a white person came and bothered me while I’m fishing.”

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He added, “This is my phone; I can do whatever I want; I studied the law.”

According to the outlet, Sea Glass Therapy announced via Facebook that the woman—who was an independent contractor—was fired.

“Sea Glass Therapy is a place of acceptance, healing, and inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or background," the company stated. "We stand against discrimination of all forms. We have terminated our business relationship with the independent contractor, Tanya, in order to uphold our values and standards. We strive to be a service to our community and do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of it, operating with integrity.”

Prior to this Karen, a white man approached Gibson while he was fishing and called the police on him.

“I get harassed when I go fishing because these privileged people don’t think I live in this nice neighborhood,” Gibson captioned the clip.

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