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WE ARE TO BLAME ..........


I personally believe........ we are to blame ........for the bear  problem........we invaded it's habitat........ .......built on its habitat and go to it's habit tree houses on it's its  habitat .........and when you go  build an expensive log cabin .........and live near the woods ....its  your fucking fault ,,.........bear are going to get up in your shit and look for  food .........look up north  bears  go into back yards in pools and  houses's our fault ..........we invaded them they never  built  expensive  houses  near us ............

Bear fatally attacks man drinking coffee in yard and drags him 75 feet, Arizona cops say

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office

A black bear fatally attacked a 66-year-old man enjoying his coffee and dragged him 75 feet down an embankment, authorities in Arizona said.

Authorities responded to the mauling at about 7:50 a.m. Friday, June 16, in the Groom Creek area near Prescott, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

Before the attack, Steven Jackson had been drinking coffee outside on the property where he was building a home, deputies said.

Then a bear attacked Jackson by surprise and dragged him 75 feet down an embankment, authorities said.

Neighbors heard him screaming and tried to scare off the bear by shouting and blaring their car horns, deputies said. But the animal wouldn’t let go of Jackson.


One neighbor shot the animal dead with their rifle, deputies said. Jackson had already died from his injuries.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department investigated the attack and said it was “predatory in nature” and “highly uncommon and unusual.”

“At first glance there did not appear to be anything on the site that would have precipitated an attack by the bear, such as food, a cooking site or access to water,” deputies said in the post.

The bear has been put down, authorities said.

The attack happened in a “heavily wooded area” but not near any camping sites. Officials warned people to take camping precautions, such as locking food in vehicles.

Deputies will investigate Jackson’s death and wildlife officials will look further into what caused the attack, the post said.

“Our sincere sympathies go out to Mr. Jackson’s family,” Sheriff David Rhodes said. “I cannot express how deeply sad this situation is and can only say our prayers are with you.”

Prescott is about 100 miles north of Phoenix.

What to do if you see a bear

Bear attacks in the U.S. are rare, according to the National Park Service. In most attacks, bears are trying to defend their food, cubs or space.

There are steps people can take to help prevent a bear encounter from becoming a bear attack.

  • Identify yourself: Talk calmly and slowly wave your arms. This can help the bear realize you’re a human and nonthreatening.

  • Stay calm: Bears usually don’t want to attack; they want to be left alone. Talk slowly and with a low voice to the bear.

  • Don’t scream: Screaming could trigger an attack.

  • Pick up small children: Don’t let kids run away from the bear. It could think they’re small prey.

  • Hike in groups: A group is noisier and smellier, the National Park Service said. Bears like to keep their distance from groups of people.

  • Make yourself look big: Move to higher ground and stand tall. Don’t make any sudden movements.

  • Don’t drop your bag: A bag on your back can keep a bear from accessing food, and it can provide protection.

  • Walk away slowly: Move sideways so you appear less threatening to the bear. This also lets you keep an eye out.

  • Again, don’t run: Bears will chase you, just like a dog would.

  • Don’t climb trees: Grizzlies and black bears can also climb.

Hunter realizes he killed federally protected bear after it was too late, officials say

Man hunting rabbits shoots and kills attacking bear, Alaska troopers say

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