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I am going to go out on a limb and  say  ...he was a  married man .....a dad  ....a  very  unhappily married dad .......that is  pissed off   he looks  the  profile fit .....of a   unhappily married dad  .......and  he is  venting his anger  .......on someone   ...he needs  to get jailed  for  this  .......just me i think ......the world is   filled with happily unmarried  dads ........just  what i see

Man threatening driver with gun was caught on video, then he was arrested, SC sheriff says

A Lexington man who was filmed holding a gun during a road rage incident has been arrested, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said Sunday night.

Adam Lee Jones, 43, was charged with presenting a firearm, the sheriff’s department said in a news release.

On June 8, Jones displayed the weapon while stopped at a traffic light near the 200 block of Longs Pond Road, according to the release. That’s at the intersection with Two Notch Road in Lexington, near Exit 51 on Interstate 20.

Adam Lee Jones was charged with presenting a firearm, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said
Adam Lee Jones was charged with presenting a firearm, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said

His menacing act and threatening vulgar language were recorded on a cellphone, the sheriff’s department said.

“In cellphone video recorded by the victim, Jones can be seen yelling before reaching down and grabbing a black handgun,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said in the release. “Jones then holds the gun where the victim can clearly see it.”


A family member of the victim reported the incident, according to the release. Detectives received tips in the case as soon as the victim shared the video on social media, the sheriff’s department said.

Video of the confrontation was shared on multiple Facebook and Twitter groups and accounts.

Jones was arrested June 9, according to the release. He was not listed on the inmate roster at the Lexington County Detention Center as of Monday morning.

Bond was set at $10,000 Saturday during a court hearing, sheriff’s department spokesman Capt. Adam Myrick told The State Monday. Information about when Jones was released was not available.

No injuries were reported.

If convicted on the felony charge, Jones faces a maximum punishment of five years in prison, according to South Carolina law.

Adam Lee Jones is seen presenting a handgun during a road rage incident in Lexington County.

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