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 I like donald trump ....but........ i would never trust him at all ........he can say anything........ but versaille......  got some  free advertising i guess  it was a  wash .........maybe who knows   ........Doanld  does not  care ........or  maybe he  truly and  simply forgot  .....however .......i would never trust any politician ......any! not  care who they are ,,,,it  is all about money ! ...always ........but Versailles ........ got  in the  news  good news/bad better than no news at all .......that is what they say in showbusiness........

Trump tells restaurant patrons ‘Food for everyone!’ then leaves without paying

Pedro Portal/Miami Herald/TNS
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    Donald Trump
    President of the United States from 2017 to 2021

Patrons at the Miami eatery Versailles cheered when Donald Trump twice declared “Food for everyone!” during a surprise stop at the Little Havana hotspot. Then he left without buying food for anyone, according to a local report.

Fresh off pleading not guilty to criminal charges in a Miami federal court, Trump was all smiles as he entered the crowded restaurant Tuesday. Well-wishers sang “Happy Birthday” to the former New Yorker on the eve of his 77th birthday.

Trump supporters told NBC 6 South Florida they thought the 45th president was treated unfairly when he was indicted on more than three-dozen counts of mishandling classified information obtained while he was in the White House.

Citing “a knowledgeable source,” Miami’s New Times said Trump’s visit lasted roughly 10 minutes, leaving no time for much other than shaking hands and waving. Neither the restaurant nor Trump’s campaign has replied to a request for comment.


The former president has been accused of walking out on bills in the past.

USA Today tracked down hundreds of blue-collar workers and lawyers in 2016 who claimed the Trump stiffed them after they provided services for his business.

When Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott announced his candidacy through a broken microphone in May, Trump advised him on social media to stiff the event’s contractor. Trump’s companies filed bankruptcy on six occasions.

But that isn’t to say the former president doesn’t sometimes reach for his wallet.

When Clemson University’s football team won a national championship in 2019, their White House visit included hundreds of offerings from Burger King and McDonald’s that the former president claimed he purchased personally.

Trump defenders on Twitter noted the GOP front-runner only said there’d be food for everyone at the restaurant — not that he was buying it.

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