Something filthy is trending, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of nasty news, but if I had to see, then so do you!


It's "gooch grease."


Yesterday, the term started trending on Twitter.

Twitter: @Ejayy1K_

And let's just say, no one was happy about it.

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It all started with this Fox 26 trend story about the funky goo.

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Then they did a whole news segment about it.

Fox 26/ Twitter: @Firegal_01

Fox 26 describes "gooch grease" as a "male hygiene problem."

Fox 26
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"It's described as a combination of lint, sweat, and feces between a man's butt and balls," Isiah Carey said on his show Isiah Factor Uncensored.

Fox 26
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"The problem is so bad for some men, according to some reports, they now have to use women's maxi-pads to stop the mixture from messing up their underwear," he said.

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Yep, it's essentially FUNKY TAINT GOO.


People are, well...they're mortified!

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From aching stomachs...

Twitter: @sidsince94 "this year is going straight to hell."

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I am just disgusted.

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Moral of the story? Wash your butt, dudes!!!