Dwyane Wade transgender
Dwyane Wade transgender© Provided by The Comeback

Former NBA superstar and soon-t0-be Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade has recently voiced support for the transgender community. Wade and his family also recently moved out of Florida due to the state’s rampant anti-transgender laws that made the Miami Heat legend and his family uncomfortable.

Wade attended the Met Gala on Monday night in Manhattan with his wife, Gabrielle Union. Variety interviewed Wade, who spoke on several topics, including his decision to move from Florida and his advocacy for the transgender community.

“I love Miami. Miami’s done so much for me…but the last couple of years, the laws and the politics has really become this big conversation, this unsafe conversation. It’s unsafe for my daughter,” Wade said via Variety.

“One of our decisions was, ‘What was going to be the safest and best community for our daughter Zaya? L.A. was one of the safest, best communities,” Wade explained.

“It’s unsafe for my daughter, it’s unsafe for all the young kids and the youth and the adults and the elders in the trans community. And so for us, as much as I love this city, and as much as I’m always going to be part of it, for the safety of my family, that’s what it was.”

Wade assured everyone that he would always speak out for the kids in Florida and the transgender community. He appreciated them for “staying strong and fighting for what’s right.”