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Weird Road Signs From Around The World


Driving is something that we just assume is the same everywhere we go, which is pretty much true except for the places in the world where you drive on the wrong side of the road from the wrong side of the car.

But what about road signs? We see them all the time and they become background noise, but are they different other places in the world?

Those Are Some Very Specific Instructions

This very specific crossing sign is from Mount Isa, Australia. People were getting confused enough about it that a sign needed to be put up. I’m still not sure I understand.

a very specific crossing sign in Australia
Photo Credit: Reddit / TritonJohn54

Beware Of Electric Horses?

This sign can be seen throughout Exmoor National Park in England. Exmoor has a pony population who doesn’t really understand crossing the road, and there is the danger of lightning storms that come out of nowhere.

a horse crossing and cow electrocution sign
Photo Credit: Reddit / deantay90

Guess Where This Sign Is

You guessed it! Australia! Because where else would you need to put a road sign up like this? You might want to think it’s a joke, but there are parts of Australia that can be quite unforgiving.

a sign that says,
Photo Credit: Reddit / 10ebucka

This One Is Kind Of Sad

In Stockholm, Sweden, you can see these signs put up around areas that have a lot of pedestrians. It’s warning drivers that people tend to cross the road while they’re too engaged on their phone to notice them.

a sign alerting you to people on their phones
Photo Credit: Reddit / PanAfrica

That’s A Bit Ominous

This “beware of bats” sign can be found in Vares, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the sun goes down, the bats come out in such great numbers that they turn into a traffic hazard.

bat crossing sign
Photo Credit: Reddit / oromier

How Very Punny

This road sign in Oxfordshire is not just to be funny, it’s there to warn people who are driving too fast to slow down in general, but also to slow down to keep the wildlife safe.

a sign that says,
Photo Credit: Reddit / dayus9

Good Thing There Is A Sign

At first, it might seem a little like overkill to put up so many “Beware of Elephant” signs, because you would think you’d see them, right? Well, maybe not. Can you spot the elephant in this picture?

elephant crossing sign with an elephant in the back
Photo Credit: Reddit / renewest

This One Is Pretty Self-Explanatory

These signs are a common sight in the Otterburn Ranges in England. It’s not uncommon for people driving through that area to get held up by tanks and other military training vehicles. Talk about a traffic nightmare.

a tank crossing sign
Photo Credit: Reddit / howdoiredit

Wiser Words Have Never Been Spoken

These signs are all over India along their very winding roads. At first, they might look like a joke, but they get the job done. How could you not listen to that sign? It’s your bro.

a sign that says,
Photo Credit: Reddit / centralgovernment

Yeah, I’ll Wait In The Car

How many times did someone have to get hit with a falling deer carcass before they put this sign up? Not sure about you, but I would probably just avoid that area.

a beware of falling deer carcass sign
Photo Credit: Instagram / @whododatlikedat

They Really Want You To Stop

This area of California is known as Death Valley for a reason. It gets extraordinarily hot there, with a common high around 120°F. Let’s hope people take this sign seriously.

a sign warning you of extreme heat
Photo Credit: Reddit / 18JLR

Beware Of Zombies?

Zombies would be a great reason to put a sign up, but this sign is actually warning you that this spot in Northern Finland can have thin ice and you’ll probably fall in.

a beware of falling into the ice sign
Photo Credit: Reddit

Very To The Point

You can tell that whoever made this sign had to explain this one too many times to people who didn’t believe them. It’s safe to say this spot should be avoided if there is even the slightest bit of thunder.

a beware of frequent lightning sign
Photo Credit: Reddit / -HRNT-

What Do You Think This One Means?

This sign is warning drivers that up ahead there is a tree that has an especially low hanging branch, so make sure you’ll be able to get under it if you want to go further.

a sign warning someone of a tree ahead
Photo Credit: Reddit / ras84

This Is A Smart Idea

In South Korea, they have traffic lights specifically for buses. That way, there is no confusion about who has the right of way and the bus drivers can plainly see it’s their turn.

a set of stop lights just for the bus
Photo Credit: Reddit / Youngssseok

This Is So Strange

This blue stop sign is in Hawaii, where having a blue stop sign is not uncommon. The blue stop signs are used to manage traffic on private property since it is technically illegal to install your own red traffic sign.

a blue stop sign
Photo Credit: Reddit / DoYouSeeMeEatingMice

Why Doesn’t Everywhere Do This?

This speed limit sign changes depending on what the weather is like on the road ahead. It knows if it’s foggy, rainy, or perfectly clear for a safe drive through.

an electronic speed sign that changes with the environment
Photo Credit: Reddit / Lemarck234

Smash And Grab?

These signs are put up all over San Fransisco to warn people that the area they are parking in is a hot spot for car thieves who smash windows and take whatever they can reach in a car.

a smash and grab hot spot sign
Photo Credit: Reddit / shill829tfg

You Don’t Have To Tell Me Twice

This is one of the most weirdly specific signs I’ve ever seen. This sign is telling you not to laugh or keep your mouth too open because there is a good chance a bird might poop in it.

a sign warning you not to belly laugh
Photo Credit: Reddit / Nudnikorama

This Might Be Confusing

This is a sign telling people that trucks and motorcycles cannot go on the road ahead. Usually, to us, a circle means “go ahead,” especially because the line isn’t crossed through the image.

a sign telling you that cars and motorcycles can't drive
Photo Credit: Reddit / Raop_3

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