New York City-based Amanda Joy found a waterlogged blue couch that appeared to be her "her dream couch." yafavvmandaa/TikTok
New York City-based Amanda Joy found a waterlogged blue couch that appeared to be her "her dream couch." yafavvmandaa/TikTok© yafavvmandaa/TikTok
  • A New Yorker thought she found her "dream couch" on the side of the road, so she brought it home.
  • Her video documenting the find garnered over 30 million views as users weighed in on the couch worth up to $8,000.
  • While some praised Joy for the find, others raised concerns of bed bugs and its authenticity.

A TikTok creator excitedly filmed what it was like to find her "dream couch" on a New York City sidewalk, but internet commenters were quick to question if it was actually an upgrade — or a potential nightmare.

Amanda Joy posted the video of what she believed was the "Bubble" sofa from French brand Roche Bobois on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon the clip had over 30 million views. The Bubble sofa usually retails for around $8,000.

Those familiar with the pricey brand were skeptical about the authenticity of her find, and some outright called it a fake based on their analysis of couch's material seen in the video.

"This is not a real roche bobois just based off of the fabric, but I think the knockoffs sell for 1-2k too so nice find for her," said one commenter on the video.

Others were more concerned about the risk of bed bugs and mold after Joy said the couch had been rained on when she found it. In the viral video, she's shown steam cleaning the furniture and placing it in her apartment. 

"Do not pick up furniture from the street, and put it into your home," one creator said in a response video. "Getting rid of bed bugs can cost thousands of dollars."

In New York City, "stooping" is the common practice of picking up furniture discarded on the street for free decor, but most stoopers are wary of cloth furniture and mattresses being left on the sidewalk. The @stoopingnyc Instagram has over 440,000 followers that views its daily posts about where to find freebies in the city.

Joy didn't immediately respond to Insider's request for an update on the couch and the comments and concerns it sparked. But, not everyone agrees that a free couch — even one that could be worth $8,000 — is worth the risk of pests and germs in a home.

"Couches (especially 8k couches) get thrown out for a reason," one Twitter user wrote. "Not a chance I would risk bringing that into my home."