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Well all i can say is.......... i hate parking lots many........ times  i  fucked up......... and  forgot where i parked my car in some  huge parking lot. ....and i did it at disney .......took me literally hours to find my car......... through a collective  thought process ........i was  more  tired  form trying to find the car........ than the actual day excursion ........i hate disney on all levels .....but mostly the parking ......and waiting for  hours  to get on rides .......and the  screaming kids .....

How many husbands  go to disney world and  do not get ass  ...from all day standing with kids .......with the wife......and  the long walks ......and  then.......... when they get back to the hotel.......the wife is  knackered /tired  /exhausted/wiped out ......etc etc......and i read on the internet....that pay per view  porn used to be huge  .....because of  the   husbands we  all have phones and  laptops know  wife passed out  ...with kids ........  husband  gets horny  ....that's what i heard ........anyways......... fucking parking .......nightmare  ....also the airport at orlando ......fucking hey !!!!........another  pain in my ass ........lost my car their too......... when i was  going to scotland .......piece of  advice  ....mark down the  colour at least you a  chance ........i have a bad  habit of  forgetting to  know where i park......anyways are some fucking huge parking lots ......enjoy or not ....i hate them .........but it is  worse trying to park in  europe .......fucking nightmare  .......

The Biggest Parking Lots, Structures in the World Compared to Other Sizable Things

Photo:  Port of Seattle
Photo: Port of Seattle

Parking lots. They take up a lot of useful space, can be confusing, and do little to add any sort of spice to our lives. Unfortunately, if we are going to continue our commitment to cars (especially here in North America), parking lots are just a very necessary evil.

Which brings us to this post. I wanted to know where the biggest parking lots in the world, but I needed a visual, as 10 pictures of gray buildings wouldn’t be visually interesting. So to add some context to visualize just how large these parking behemoths are, I’ve found things, whether objects, places or other buildings in similar sizes.

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So you’re aware, my method for determining size was a simple one. I took the average size of a parking spot (9 ft x 18 ft = 162 sq. ft.) and multiplied that by the number of spaces these parking garages hold. I did not include aisles or other design elements.

10. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Terminal D Parking Garage

Photo:  DFW Airport
Photo: DFW Airport
  • Parking Spaces: 8,100

  • Approx. 1,312,200 sq. ft.

Similar in Size to DFW Terminal D Parking: The Chrysler Building

Photo:  Drew Angerer (Getty Images)
Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

The Chrysler building, one of the largest structures in New York City, is just a tiny bit smaller than the DFW parking structure in our comparable square footage — coming in at just 1,196,958 sq. ft.

9. Baltimore-Washington Airport Daily Parking Garage

Entrance to the BWI Marshall Daily Garage

  • Parking Spaces: 8,400

  • Approx. 1,360,800 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: 72,537-ish Jeep Gladiator truck beds.

Photo:  Jeep
Photo: Jeep

We (Steve and I) did the math. If you take the square footage of a Jeep Gladiator’s bed, you would need approximately 72,537 of them to fill DWI’s parking lot.

8. Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport Terminal 1 Parking Lot

Photo:  Toronto Parking
Photo: Toronto Parking
  • Parking Spaces: 9,000

  • Approx. 1,458,000 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: Maryland Home Depot Distribution Center

Photo:  The Home Depot
Photo: The Home Depot

In 2021 Home Depot opened this massive distribution center in Maryland, and it’s barely bigger than a parking lot in Toronto.

7. Chicago O’Hare Airport Main Marking Garage

  • Parking Spaces: 9,266

  • Approx. 1,501,092 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: American Museum of Natural History

Photo:  Chris Hondros (Getty Images)
Photo: Chris Hondros (Getty Images)

6. Disneyland’s Mickey and Friends Parking Structure

Photo:  Disney
Photo: Disney
  • Parking Spaces: 10,000

  • Approx. 1,620,000 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: 405,000 Properly Homed Ducks

Photo:  Acarpentier via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Acarpentier via Wikimedia Commons

HGTV says that if you own a duck, you should allow for four square feet of floor space per bird. That means we would be able to house over 400,000 of them comfortably at Disneyland’s parking lot.

5. Universal Studios South Facility

Photo:  Google Earth
Photo: Google Earth
  • Parking Spaces: 10,200

  • Approx. 1,652,400 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: 27,039,273 Cans of Spam

Photo:  Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)
Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Walmart says a can of Spam is 2.2 inches x 4 inches. That means you could “park” 27,000,000 of those little blue tins at this Central Florida parking facility. Think of that smell.

4. Disney World Magic Kingdom and Epcot Lots

Photo:  Google Earth
Photo: Google Earth
  • Parking Spaces: 11,000

  • Approx. 1,782,000 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: 10 Walmarts

Photo:  Walmart Corporate via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Walmart Corporate via Wikimedia Commons

That’s right. The average size of a Walmart is about 179,000 square feet. By our math, you can fit 10 of them inside Disney World’s main parking lot, alone.

3. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport McNamara Terminal Parking

Photo:  Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps
  • Parking Spaces: 11,500

  • Approx. 1,863,000 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: A Single Walmart Fulfillment Center in Pennsylvania

Photo:  Matrix Development
Photo: Matrix Development

This one fulfillment center has just as big of a footprint as DTW’s McNamara Terminal’s parking.

2. Seattle Sea-Tac Airport Parking

Photo:  Port of Seattle
Photo: Port of Seattle
  • Parking Spaces: 13,000

  • Approx. 2,106,000 sq. ft.

Similar in Size: Metlife Stadium

Photo:  Elsa (Getty Images)
Photo: Elsa (Getty Images)

1. West Edmonton Mall Parking

Photo:  Google Earth
Photo: Google Earth
  • Parking Spaces: 20,000

  • Approx. 3,240,000 sq. ft.

If you had told me when I started this article that the biggest parking lot in the world was at a mall in Canada, I would have had a very hard time believing you. But, that’s the way the world works. 20,000 spots for anyone and everyone, but if that’s not enough there are 10,000 additional overflow spots also available.

Similar in Size: 1,425 American Homes

Photo:  David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

Those 20,000 spots are enough to fit over 1,400 average American homes (at approx. 2,300-ish sq. ft. each) inside.

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