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 I mean for FFS ,.....i do not  usually post pics of  a  57 yr old  ....but Elizabeth hurley is  fucking smoking many benny /lenny/kenny/denny........i would noy  normally find a  57 yr old  attractive  apart from selma.......... j-lo etc ....etc...... know what i mean jelly bean..... ......all i can say is  GDJCSOAHFMOB..........well anyways enjoy  liz ......there is a  god ............

At 57, Elizabeth Hurley Is So Toned Dancing in White Bikini and Fans Are Losing It

At 57, Elizabeth Hurley Is So Toned Dancing in White Bikini and Fans Are Losing It
  • Elizabeth Hurley dances in a white bikini and turquoise fringe pullover on the beach in a new Instagram video.

  • “Welcome to the glorious @vakkarumaldives 💗💗💗,” she captioned the post.

  • As always, fans loved the vibrant clip.

It’s rare for Elizabeth Hurley to go more than a few weeks without sharing a swimsuit selfie to promote her swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. And after a month of posting memories with friends and family (plus a throwback video montage of her career’s most iconic moments), the actress has returned to regularly scheduled programming: In a new video, she dances in a white bikini, frolicking the beaches of the Maldives, and the whole clip is a tropical dream.

“Welcome to the glorious @vakkarumaldives 💗💗💗 wearing my new limited edition Antibes Robe 😘😘😘 available at @elizabethhurleybeach 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻,” she captioned the post. The turquoise fringe-embellished pullover (and sun hat in hand) beautifully complements Hurley’s two-piece, almost as well as the gorgeous oceanic backdrop it’s up against.

Needless to say, fans were obsessed with the clip’s entire vision. “White 🤍 and Blue 💙 are the Colors for You,” one person commented. “Stunning 🔥🔥🔥,” another added. “Amazing 💙💙💙,” someone else wrote.

Although Hurley’s decision to regularly post bikini content is partially a business one, it’s also one that she finds empowering at 57.


“Yes, I still wear bikinis on holidays and because I’ve got a bikini company, I’m happy to share those pictures,” she told Yahoo! Life last year. “But expect if I didn’t have a bikini company, I probably wouldn’t share these pictures. As it happens, but I’m very comfortable doing that.”

She hopes her posts inspire other people to do what empowers them—be it wearing a bikini in their 50s or doing anything else that sparks joy.

“There’s plenty of women my age who really love going on vacation, prancing around the beach, wearing whatever they want to wear, and not being afraid of other people making sneering comments,” she said. “So I think it’s just about really saying, work out what you’re comfortable with, work out what you believe in. And whilst always being open to new opportunities and to change, stick to your guns when you know something you feel strong about.”

Another thing aspect of wellness she’s been vocal about in the past? Sun protection and skincare in general. Check out some of her must-haves below.

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