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Shakira Smolders In A Curve-Hugging Teal Bodycon Dress In Her New "TQG" Music Video

Shakira stunned in a light blue, skintight dress in the new music video for her song, “TQG,” with fellow Colombian singer Karol G. The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer, 46, showed off her sculpted figure and enviable curves this week in the long-sleeved, fitted item, which featured a shiny teal fabric and high neckline.

The track’s lyrics (which are originally in Spanish) detail a turbulent breakup and the subject of the song moving on with someone new. Many fans suspect that these lyrics may be related to Shakira’s tumultuous split from Spanish former professional footballer Gerard Piqué, who she shares two children with.

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Shakira Rocks Crystal-Blue, Skintight Dress In New “TQG” Music Video

To complete her gorg look for the music video, Shakira wore her signature long blonde tresses in a high ponytail with loose strands elegantly falling at the sides of her face. The “She Wolf” crooner went for a sultry, smokey blue eyeshadow look with winged black liner and voluminous lashes. She also added rosy blush and a light pink lipstick color. To top it all off, Shakira matched her frock with an illuminating azure mani.


While this was our fave look from the “TQG” visual, we also loved the gold mini dress that Shakira wore and the red halter gown Karol G, 32, donned in other scenes. Shakira shared many snippets of her ensembles from the video in posts for her 83.9 million Instagram followers, and naturally, they couldn’t get enough! She wrote to fans, “Thank you all for the amazing reception at tqg” as they hyped up her outfits (and the blue dress especially) in her comment sections.


“Beautiful, empowered woman” one user wrote as another added that Shakira looked “so pretty in teal!” (We agree!) Others conveyed their (and our) thoughts on her dress with red hearts, heart-eyes and fire emojis. Others wrote that Shakira deserves “so much better” than Piqué, 36, and many continue to find “hidden messages” in Shakira’s lyrics that relate to their split.

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How “TQG” May Reference Shakira’s Split From Longtime Partner Gerard Piqué

The two called it quits in 2022, after 11 years together. Shakira and Piqué confirmed their separation in June 2022, and two months later, he was spotted with 22-year-old Clara Chía Martí (who he was rumored to have had an affair with while still in a relationship with the “Whenever, Wherever” hitmaker).


Some notable lyrics in “TQG” include Shakira’s main verse, in which she sings, “Seeing you with the new one hurt (Hurt)/ But I’m already doing my own thing.” She added, “I forgot everything that we lived/ And that’s what got you so offended.” She also gave a positive message, singing, “Even my life got better/ You’re no longer welcome here. I saw what your girlfriend said about me/ I’m not even upset, I laugh, I laugh.”

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Shakira has openly spoke about her split in recent interviews, alluded to it while making comical TikToks and also seemed to reference it in her other recent song, “BZRP Music Session #53.” In the lyrics for that track, Shakira sings, “So much talk of being a champion/ And when I needed you, you gave me the worst version of you.”


She also croons, “I was out of your league, that’s why you’re with someone just like you,” and if that’s not convincing enough, “I’m worth two 22-year-olds/ You traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo/ You traded in a Rolex for a Casio.” Both tracks continue to climb the charts, with “TQG” hitting

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