Some things women can do better. There is no scientific fact, and of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but here are the top 10 things Reddit users say women are better at than men.

10 Things Women Are Better at Than Men
10 Things Women Are Better at Than Men© Provided by Max My Money

1. Finding Things

“It's in the kitchen,” she says. And the man always looks, or so they say they did, and still needs help finding the item they desire. Only to have the woman enter the room and go right to it while the man stares dumbfounded because he swore he looked there.

One user thinks this is because of a woman's frontal lobe, “Most spatial tasks, men tend to be better at due to the differences of the average size of parietal lobes in men and women (men tend to be larger). However, when remembering where something was last, or its general resting place, women are usually better at that.”

2. Taking Insanely Hot Showers

Women start at an average temperature and work their way up slowly. Then, they get used to it and can increase the temperature a fair bit beyond where you'd be comfortable getting in if that were the starting temperature.

One woman comments, “my husband and I can't shower together because he claims the water is burning him. And I can't take his lukewarm showers.”

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3. Going to the Doctor

One man says, “I was raised with “walk it off.” I know it's stupid, but I'm too embarrassed at this point.” As kids, we are taught to walk it off. You fall off your bike, walk it off, scrape your knee, walk it off. So it's no wonder men put off going to the doctor. They're all walking it off.

4. Seeing Color

One in thirteen men is colorblind, so it's no wonder women see color better. But it's not just about seeing color; women can see different shades even with the slightest difference.

One user commented, “I have a friend who is a color scientist. He consults for printing presses. He has a test for how good someone is at matching color, and he says women are generally better.”

5. Support System

They usually have a much stronger support system, even when a stranger is in need. One user says, “It's some type of unwritten law for women to immediately bond with a sad, drunk woman stranger in need of a friend or a safe group.”

6. Target Practice

Women are more patient than men, so naturally, an activity where patience would be easier for women. One man says, “I worked at a rifle range years ago. Plain and simple, women are more patient, don't have a big ego, and strive for perfection. Even my most avid regulars admit women out-perform them frequently.”

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7. Talking About Their Emotions

No one likes to feel vulnerable. We don't know how the other person will respond, so putting yourself out there can be scary. But women tend to be able to put their fear aside and open up easier than a man.

Not just expressing their emotions but also understanding someone else's emotions. One man explains, “As a guy, if I open up about something, it's to my female friends. They sympathize better, and I am more comfortable talking about it with them.”

8. Pain Tolerance

One tattoo artist says women have a better pain tolerance. But, he explains, “men tend to try to act like it doesn't hurt. Which actually makes it worse. They don't relax their muscles and tend to cringe more.”

Another user says, “Reminds me of a story my grandpa told me. Whenever his mother had dental work done, she wouldn't take novocaine or anything to numb her mouth. My grandpa is a big guy, and figured he could do the same. But, the second the drill touched his tooth, he gave up on that notion.”

9. Asking For Help

Women have all heard and joked about it. Men will say, I don't need to read the instructions, I don't have to pull over and ask for directions, etc. But on the other hand, women have no problem asking for help, whether it be reading instructions or asking for directions.

10. Better Doctors

One user says, “I've spent probably a collective year in the hospital and can say, based on my experience, that women are better doctors. They're just as capable medically but also excel at the bedside manner. Listen to what you're saying, and empathize with your pains.”

While male doctors are just as capable medically, being sympathetic to one's needs is not something they show as easily as women do.

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