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Instagram Model Mary Magdalene Reveals She Lost 20 Pounds After Implant Popped, Breast Reduction

An Instagram model who crowned herself the “Uniboob Queen” after her 38J implant exploded reveals she lost 20 pounds after breast reduction surgery.

Back in February, the 30-year-old model, who goes by Mary Magdalene online, went viral after suffering a busted implant.

“Hey guys, so this is my boob now … Basically, my breast implant popped, again,” she explained in the below video. “And I am having surgery to take them out next week. I am going to go back natural—not just my boobs, but other parts of my body,” she said, before turning to the side. “Or should I just keep it like this?”

A month later, Magdalene told TMZ she’s since lost 20 pounds after her breast reduction surgery, which has seen her go from 5,000cc implants to a mere 700cc.

“In addition to a breast reduction, Mary says plastic surgeons also performed a lift, implant exchange and liposuction,” the outlet noted.

In the wake of her successful weight loss, Mary did in fact suffer some issues during her post-surgery recovery, as she dealt with a fever and an infection. In addition, Mary, who claims to have undergone nearly 50 plastic surgeries over the course of her life, recently underwent a vagina reduction. Regarding the surgery, Mary says she can no longer claim to have the “world’s largest vagina.”

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