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BIRKENSTOCKS YUK!!!!!!!!.........


As i have a foot fetish and hate nasty feet and  being an exmassuse....etc......etc........i know birkenstocks ........i should like  because i am a hippie .....but  i do not  follow  hippies in a way that is  ........ clothing ......birkenstocks  are  sandals........ and   only certain sandals look good on a womans feet .........and  joanna gaines  does not  have nice feet....... i saw them ......they are slightly  big .......and the toes ....are off .......why !!!!.....i notice these things .....especially womens feet ......its the first thing i see when i look at a woman ...i could not date a woman with big feet........  fucked up  big toe ......bony nasty feet .....i see old ladies after  years of wearing  heels ........their toe is pushed over and fucked up bad.....ilook after my feet   a ;lot   scrub em clean em ......i cannot  go to bed without washing my feet  .....and  hands and  body obvioulsy ..........however   birkenstocks  are annoying as  fuck much like lazy fucking shoes  and  they are  just ugly  fucking sandals ........some girls  wear  those nice  girly sandals  ....they are fine ........but hey!!!!!!! i am sure   joanna gaines mentions she wears  birkenstocks ......... she will get some free pairs........i just hate them  they remind  me of  iorls who wanna be  hippies....... and  patchooli ......hippie vag deoderant .......but you dont have to listen to me  .......i am no ambassador for the human race .....i just have a  foot fetish........

Meet the supportive Birkenstocks Joanna Gaines has worn for years — even podiatrists love them!

If you've ever watched her show Fixer Upper or shopped her Magnolia Home Hearth & Hand line at Target, you know that Joanna Gaines always embraces classic designs that never go out of style. You can see it in her house remodels, her home decor selections and even her clothing choices. That’s right, the TV star’s wardrobe is as timeless as her interior designs. So it makes sense that one of her favorite pairs of shoes, the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, has been popular for decades.


Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

These uber-comfortable sandals give you the support you need for a full day on your feet.
$155 at Amazon$140 at Nordstrom$140 at Zappos

Joanna has been wearing the supportive yet stylish sandals for years, so it comes as no surprise that she listed them as one of her “must-have” items in an interview with Popsugar. The comfy kicks boast a suede-lined, contoured footbed that molds to the shape of your foot for all-day comfort and support. The shoes are designed to encourage a neutral stance and give your toes plenty of room to stretch and spread which in turn boosts blood flow and optimal toe movement.

Along with ample arch support, the Arizonas have a deep heel cup that helps distribute your weight more evenly and a lightweight EVA outsole that provides ample traction and shock-absorbing support. What’s more, the sandals have two adjustable buckles, so you can customize them to find the perfect fit.

The sandals are so good for your feet, even podiatrists love them! Board-certified foot surgeon Alec Hochstein told Yahoo Lifestyle, Birkenstocks make the perfect summer shoes. “I always look for sandals that will have a structured footbed or one that will accommodate an orthotic,” he explains. “Birkenstock has classic styles and well-manufactured footbeds that mold to the owner’s foot over time — they are high quality and will last for years.”

Grab a pair of these Joanna Gaines-approved sandals before spring! (Photo: Getty/Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage and Zappos)
Grab a pair of these Joanna Gaines-approved sandals before spring! (Photo: Getty/Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage and Zappos)

With smart details like that it makes sense that the timeless sandals are beloved by Joanna and other celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts and Miranda Kerr, in addition to thousands of happy shoppers. At Amazon alone, the summer-ready shoes have earned over 32,000 five-star ratings. And at Zappos, they have 1,600 rave reviews.

“My most favorite sandal ever. Extremely comfortable and looks good with everything,” raved one Zappos customer. “I love Birkenstock sandals; in particular, the Arizona soft footbed. You just can't go wrong with this shoe if you're looking for all day comfort and arch support,” added another.

Even people with foot ailments like bunions and plantar fasciitis sing the sandal's praises. “I always struggle with my feet hurting and have plantar fasciitis. I finally broke down and bought these and I will never wear anything else! My feet don’t hurt at all,” wrote one fan.

Perhaps best of all is the sizing, the unisex shoes range in size from 4 to 12.5 in women’s and 6 to 13.5 in men’s. And they even come in narrow and regular sizes. There are a variety of colors to choose from and prices start at $100 — which may seem like a lot for a pair of sandals but the fact that they are super versatile and will never go out of style makes them well worth the cost!

Snag a pair for yourself at Amazon, Zappos or Nordstrom before the warmer weather arrives!

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