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 Listen call me perverted  .......but i would not  wanna miss  selma hayek....... on a trampoline...... epsecially a summer  dress ....... i mean for  fuck sake  ,,,,,,that is the hottest women ....... her  and  sofia vigara .....i mean  what is hotter ....... than a spanish babe........ on a trampoline .......or maybe a trampy  hot babe......i can keep going on the tramp thing ....all day ......but i won't  ....why  you will not get  or  appreciate it  .....

Salma Hayek Taps Into Her Adventurous Side While Jumping on Giant Trampoline

The actress is having the time of her life.

Salma Hayek brought out her adventurous side during a winter holiday with the family!

The Eternals star, 56, took to Instagram to share a fearless video of herself jumping on a giant trampoline.

In the video, the ride operator strapped Hayek into a harness just before she began jumping up and down. She donned tan cargo pants and a sweater that featured grey sleeves along with a reddish-orange color on the bodice. As she geared up to take flight, kids could be heard yelling "be careful" in the background of the video. She wasn't phased, however, as she looked up and smiled at them.  

After she was securely strapped in, the actress began jumping and doing backflips. The same kids could be heard in the background cheering her on. At one point, Hayek even said "ow," as she landed on her back, to which someone responded, "I told you, you'd get hurt," just before the audience erupted into laughter.

"My kids refused to go on the trampoline, I guess they thought they’re too old for it but I still love it," Hayek captioned the clip.

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The official Instagram account for the Olympics commented with a starry-eyed emoji, a hand-clapping emoji, and a flame emoji—maybe we'll see the actress in the next summer Olympics after she showcased her beautiful flipping skills!

According to the Daily Mail, Hayek went on an Alpine skiing trip, but since there wasn't any snow to slide down the slopes, she opted for other ways to tap into her adventurous side.

She spent the trip with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, their 15-year-old daughter Valentina, and his three children.

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