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near nakedness


some people who know me .....know i have absolutely no problem with near  nakedness  .........especially in hot  babes  .......not so hot  babes ........  maybe not ......why ......well i am a shallow  fucker  and love hotness in women .......why not .....its not  my fault its  society .......i personally believe if you are not  hot should not be wearing yoga pants ....... why !!!!!!.........well because......... it is not hot  .......sorry .....  bad news.....i do not  want to see  babies fighting under  a blanket  and  jiggle ........yes  call me shallow ......thats 1-800 shallow......hee hee just kidding ..... ........i like no pants fashion trend .......

Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber and more Gen Z stars spark 'no pants' fashion trend

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No pants, no problem?

Kylie JennerHailey BieberBella Hadid and more stars and fashion notables seem to think so. They are ushering in a Gen Z fashion trend of leaving the house in just tights or underwear-esque briefs – no outerwear required. Sound risqué? It's just the latest way this generation is taking creative clothing liberties to rebel.

"Fashion is just expressing what's going on broadly in culture," says longtime business of culture journalist Christina Binkley. "We're in a rule-breaking era."

Here's why it seems like runways, red carpets and sidewalks are seeing less pants than ever before.

What is the 'no pants' trend?

It can mean a couple of different fashion choices, but boils down to a lingerie-inspired outfit. Some step out wearing tights as pants (remember the uproar a few years back about wearing leggings as pants?), men's briefs with nothing else layered on top of it (see: Hadid) or a bodysuit as an entire outfit.

We have Fashion Week and famous models to thank for this look trickling down to regular folk. Designers like Bottega, Miu Miu and Burberry showcased different takes on pants-less looks, and then it was a matter of time before fashion influencers such as the Kardashian-Jenners, the Hadids and Julia Fox made it the buzz-iest fashion trend since Barbiecore.

"If you did that in the office, that’s the stuff of nightmares," jokes Binkley. But while it's a decidedly NSFW fashion trend, it isn't terribly indecent by the fashion world's standards.

Julia Fox brings the "no pants" look to the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards.
Julia Fox brings the "no pants" look to the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards.

"In a lot of these cases, they're not any more revealing than they would be if they were in a bathing suit," Binkley adds. "It looks a little shocking to those of us who aren't accustomed to seeing that, but these are just rules that somebody made up at some point."

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From ditching bras to going pantsless: Gen Z is just the latest generation to rebel through fashion

The "no pants" trend isn't just for Gen Z – everyone from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift to Tessa Thomson to Rita Ora are getting in on it. But the non-celebs embracing it skew younger, and fashion experts say it's on brand for this generation, which has previously experimented with going braless.

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