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Catch him if you can: Leonardo DiCaprio back in Miami, hanging with models and partying

Carolyn Kaster/AP

Someone get this guy a colada and hold the mini cups. Leonardo DiCaprio is going to need to swig the whole darn thing by himself.

The Oscar winner is in Miami, doing what he does best: modelizing like the best of ‘em.

We use the action verb only with DiCaprio, mind you. Because at his not so tender age of 48, the fact that he can go out to all hours down here and not end up at Jackson Memorial or on the cover of any tabloid is pretty impressive.

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We have to admit we were surprised to see the “Titanic” star, though. DiCaprio usually arrives when he has business matters, such as ogling pricey works at Art Basel to add to his vast private collection or raising money for his famous philanthropic pals.

Case in point: The “Revenant” star was just in the Magic City last month showing his handsome face at a local event for disaster relief organization CORE cofounded by Sean Penn.


This time around, we aren’t really sure what the motivation is, beside our fab weather, model citizens and water views.

But there he was, pictured with a bunch of lasses Wednesday night at SoFi hot spot Papi Steak, where they serve a gold encrusted slab of meat that costs $1,000. The Daily Mail paps snapped DiCaprio entering the venue, dressed in all black, right down to his face mask.

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Inside the steakhouse were reportedly such illustrious guests as fellow Miami stan Jamie Foxx, as well as a bunch of influencers like Scott Disick’s ex, Rebecca Donaldson, local content creator Brooklyn Paleczny and one time Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll, whose skimpy outfits made an, um, splash at the World Cup in Qatar.

We asked Papi the reason for the party, where Drake was also reportedly in the mix, but did not hear back.

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DiCaprio was apparently on Team No Sleep while in the 305, and definitely not with rumored galpal du jour Victoria Lamas.

After din din, the eternal bachelor was captured by paps whooping it up at nearby SoFi clubstaurant, Forte dei Marmi, until 4 a.m. (We got tired just typing that.)

Speaking of tired. The weekend’s here. So, dear Leo: If you’re still in town, our advice is to find any ventanita, ask for a “colada con azucar, por favor,” and tell them we sent you.

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