Wednesday, January 11, 2023

ban the 4 life


jail them for  a year .....reposses their houses....... boats .....and ban them for life will set an example all those who get greedy.......  typical fisherman ........ they just do not care 

Why 400 lobster tails in the Florida Keys put two fishermen behind bars


Two Keys-based commercial fishermen face misdemeanor and felony charges after Florida wildlife police say they found over 400 wrung spiny lobster tails, the majority undersized, in the freezer of the boat on which they work.

Without a federal license permitting wrung tails on a boat, spiny lobster must be brought back to shore in one piece. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers say they found 402 tails on board the Mar Azul fishing vessel when they conducted a resource check last Thursday night.

And 351 of the tails were smaller than the legal size of 5 1/2 inches long, said Officer Jason Rafter, an FWC spokesman.

Both members of the crew — Maykel Ramos Garcia, 43, and Dennys Jesus Ramos Rivero, 23 — were jailed on a felony charge of possessing 100 or more undersized lobsters and a misdemeanor charge of possessing 25 or more lobsters.


The bag limit for spiny lobsters in Florida is six per person, per day.

Both men have since been released from county jail, and neither could be reached for comment.

According to a Fish and Wildlife news release on the arrest, officers stopped the boat around 10 p.m. as it passed under the Niles Channel Bridge in the Lower Keys on its way back to the dock on Summerland Key. Once officers found the wrung tails, they ordered the men to the shore, where the lobster tails were counted, Rafter said.

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LIKE I SAID .......

  I have said this all along  ....we  were  dancing with the  proverbial devil .....with A.I.......those fuckers are going to rise  up again...