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zelensky versus putin .......

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Zelenskyy says he’s ready to brawl with Putin “like real men”

In this article:
  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin
    President of Russia (1999–2008, 2012–present)
  • Volodymyr Zelensky
    Volodymyr Zelensky
    Sixth and current President of Ukraine
  • Emmanuel Macron
    Emmanuel Macron
    President of France

The statement came as Zelenskyy was explaining how Putin only communicates with Zelenskyy through intermediaries, including French President Emmanuel Macron.

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“A man, a real one, if he wants to send a message to someone, like if he wants to beat him up, well, he does that on his own, without resorting to the services of an intermediary,” Zelensky said, adding that it would be “President Putin’s last summit.”

“I'm ready for a fight with Putin as soon as tomorrow.”

Zelenskyy also stated in the interview that Putin does not want peace and “is not ready to draw conclusions from the tragedy he has caused to Ukraine and the world,” as well as “to his own people, his own country.”

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Zelenskyy added that there is a certain irreversibility in what Putin has done.

“I know that some people offer to sit down at the negotiating table with him, but I am against it,” he said.

“It is very difficult to agree to dialogue with someone when you are unarmed, and he is armed with a machine gun or even nuclear weapons, which is even worse.

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As for Macron’s efforts to negotiate with Putin, Zelenskyy said that the French leader can do as he likes, but eZelenskyy doesn’t “believe that it can pan out.”

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