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We are half way through and it looks not  good  for i thought they played a more  experienced  team ......that's the difference  ....young dog ...........old dog  syndrome.....still losing id not  failing  ......trying is not  failing there will always be another  world cup .....unless there is a  word war ......then that will suck ass ........hopefully vlad  will step  down as  asshole of  Russia ......who did not  partake in the  world cup .......which i found   too too boring alcohol always need  that  alcohol brings out the  ass hole in everyone  ......even yours truly......when i partake in  the devil juice i feel like i have to start trouble ........i mean why else get drunk ....... that and  porking ......otherwise it's a waste of money .......still america did okay  .....they will never  be  football/soccer gods.......but there will be soccer mums  .....who are sometimes hot or not  ......screaming and  yelling .......... at little  johnny or  becky ......and as well all know ..........they all  end up carpet biters/rug just comes hand in hand with the  sport male flight attendant or hairdresser..........i cannot predict the  final/finale........hopefully the next country will not  be so uptight .........

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Team USA vs. the Netherlands in the World Cup: 5 things to know about the Saturday morning match

The American team qualified for the Round of 16 match after defeating Iran, but it faces tough odds against the Dutch. Here’s what time the match starts and where to watch.

Team USA star player Christian Pulisic (in the blue uniform) scored the winning goal in the match against Iran, and he’s been cleared to play for the Round of 16 game versus the Netherlands.


After defeating Iran earlier this week in a 1-0 game, Team USA made it from the round-robin group stage to the knock-out Round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup 2022 soccer tournament.

But now comes the really tough part: winning its next match against the Netherlands on Saturday, where the American team is considered the “sizable underdogs.” 

Still, if you’re planning to watch the hotly anticipated match, here are some things to know:

What time is the USA vs. Netherlands game?

The U.S. vs. the Netherlands match is set for Saturday, Dec. 3, at 10 a.m. Eastern (6 p.m. in Qatar, where the World Cup is taking place). It can be watched or streamed on Fox in English (via your local Fox channel, fuboTV,, the Fox Sports app, DIRECTV Stream, Vidgo and Sling) and Telemundo in Spanish (via fuboTV, Telemundo Deportes En Vivo and Peacock.) .  

How did the Americans get here?

Team USA didn’t have a sterling record in its Group B qualifying round — it played England and Wales to a tie, before finally earning an outright win against Iran. But that was enough to make it to the Round of 16. The 1-0 win against Iran came courtesy of American star player Christian Pulisic, who scored the only goal of the game. 

Who is favored to win in the USA vs. Netherlands match?

There’s no question that Team USA has a tough road to victory against the Netherlands. FIFA, the soccer governing body, ranks the Netherlands 8th in the world — far ahead of the Americans in 16th place. Moreover, in five previous matches against the Netherlands, the Americans have won only once. 

Still, the Sporting News website noted that “The Netherlands were far from impressive in the group stage, although they did improve as the matches went on.” It added that the Saturday match especially hinges on whether Pulisic, who was injured during the Iran game, will be able to play; and according to ESPN, Pulisic is likely to play on Saturday. Sporting News also said that American goalkeeper Matt Turner will have to play “the game of his life.”

Has the U.S. men’s team ever advanced this far in a World Cup?

Team USA has played in 10 prior World Cups. Its best showing was in its first appearance in 1930, when the team made it to the semi-finals. It last made it to the Round of 16 in the 2014 tournament, but didn’t advance beyond that. 

Which team is predicted to win this year’s World Cup?

Brazil is the favorite, according to several oddsmakers, and other countries they like include Argentina, France and Spain.

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