Being a celebrity can be a double edged sword. While it might bring notoriety and opportunities, becoming a public figure can also put a microscope on any wrongdoings. This becomes all the more clear when famous people are arrested like reality TV personalities Julie and Todd Chrisley. The pair were recently sentenced to prison time for tax fraud, and owe millions of dollars to the authorities. Todd might have to scrub toilets once he enters prison, but his pay won’t make much of a dent in that $17.5 million that they owe.

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Todd Chrisley May Have To Scrub Toilets Once He Enters Prison, And His Pay Won
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Todd and Julie Chrisley are known for their show Chrisley Knows Best, which aired for a whopping 10 Seasons on USA Network (although it was recently cancelled in the wake of their controversies). This is why their arrest and sentencing has turned so many heads, especially given the sum of money involved. A report by Radar Online indicates that Todd might be scrubbing toilets during his incarceration, and will be making a mere 12 cents per hour. And given the cost of things in a prison commissary, it doesn’t seem like these earnings are going to help with those millions.

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This news from Radar reportedly comes from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, who peeled back the curtain on the pay scale that’s often used for inmates performing jobs behind bars. Todd Chrisley is gearing up to begin his 12 year prison sentence at a Florida facility, where newbies are usually given jobs as dishwashers or bathroom cleaners. He’ll reportedly only be making 12-40 cents per hour for this work, and he’s expected to work a minimum of 7 hours a week. Clearly this is a daunting time for the pair of TV personalities. 

As previously mentioned, Julie and Todd Chrisley got themselves into hot water due to charges related to tax fraud, bank fraud, and more. They were found guilty by a jury of their peers, and swiftly sentenced to prison time. The pair accepted their respective prison sentences, although their lawyer is still optimistic, hoping the appeals process will be a successful one. It remains to be seen how this all shakes out, though. Given the time of their prison sentences and the millions owed, the stakes certainly seem high.

Aside from the arrests and convictions, the Chrisley family has had some other sources for strife recently. For instance, their 16 year-old son was hospitalized before their sentencing due to the car crash. There’s also been concerns over custody of their younger ones, due to the prison time that’s expected for both Todd and Julie. And given their fans and years on Chrisley Knows Best, the public has been invested in every twist and turn of their ongoing legal situation. And that includes Todd’s possible job scrubbing toilets in prison.