affair, baby monitor
affair, baby monitor© Photo: Saklakova / Shutterstock 

Who knew that baby monitors not only allow parents to keep track of their babies’ safety when they’re out of the room, but they could also catch cheating spouses

One man learned this after he was alerted on his phone at work of some unusual activities being picked up on his baby monitor at home. 

The baby monitor helped the man catch his wife cheating with his former work colleague. 

Marek Fecko, 47, was at work when he heard noises of his wife’s affair over the baby monitor that was linked to his phone. 

The distraught husband raced home to confront his wife and the man she was cheating on him with, who was a former work colleague. 

Fecko’s wife had reportedly turned the baby monitor around to face the wall in the master bedroom but failed to disable the sound to keep her husband from hearing what was happening.