The day Ginni Hendricks turned 50, she decided she no longer cared what people thought.

And now, two years later, the self-described "Queen of Cougars" has men half her age paying to see her naked. However, the Richmond, Virginia native said it's more than just her looks that keep them coming back—it's her dating tips.

She told Newsweek: "I was getting asked silly questions by boys all the time. Like, 'how do I do this?' or 'how do I meet someone like you?' These young guys really need to learn some things, especially if they're trying to get in with somebody older."

These constant requests led to the birth of "Cougar School," where Hendricks offers advice to young men hoping to win over mature women like herself.

Providing dating advice for young men interested in older women is just one service Ginni Hendricks offers on her Cougar School OnlyFans account. Ginni Hendricks
Providing dating advice for young men interested in older women is just one service Ginni Hendricks offers on her Cougar School OnlyFans account. Ginni Hendricks© Ginni Hendricks

The name comes from an inside joke with her girlfriends. After complaining about the number of guys asking for guidance, they joked she should put her experience as a cougar to good use.

"They'd be like 'oooh Miss Ginni's Finishing School,'" she said. "I decided I'm going to teach these boys a thing or two."

Hendricks now runs an OnlyFans account, where she shares tips and advice with cubs, young men under 30. Other offerings on her OnlyFans include saucy snaps, a penis-rating service (which comes with a warning), direct messages, and custom content.

She also has almost 9,000 followers on TikTok, which features Q&As for her followers on everything from the "Dumb S*** Men Say" on dating apps to "how young is too young?"

Why Are Younger Men Attracted To Older Women?

Although the 2014 book Dataclysm claimed that men are most attracted to women in their 20s, causing controversy online, recent studies have suggested that men are attracted to women of all ages.

A survey conducted by asked almost 1,000 men their thoughts on dating mature women. It revealed that 60 percent of men, regardless of age, are attracted to women older than them, although the size of the preferred age gap varied.

Experience, achievements, confidence, self-sufficiency and independence were a few of the reasons why respondents were attracted to older women, with mature women perceived as "knowing who they are and what they want."

Age-gap relationships are also becoming more common, at least according to recent research by dating site Cougar Life.

Conducted by Ipsos and led by evolutionary psychologist Sarah E. Hill, 39 percent of the 1,000 Americans surveyed had dated someone with a significant age difference.

"Forty percent of women reported being open to dating someone 10+ years younger than themselves," Hill told Newsweek. "This suggests that these relationships—and openness toward them—is becoming more common."

Unfortunately, female-led age gap relationships are still more likely to be stigmatized, especially by other women. Sixty-five percent of male respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed it was acceptable for a woman to date someone 10+ years younger, compared to just 56 percent of female respondents.

Even female celebrities are not safe from scorn. The 76-year-old pop icon Cher recently took to Twitter to defend her relationship with 36-year-old Alexander Edwards, while prior to their split last month, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles' relationship was subject to constant scrutiny online.

Age-gap relationships can also come with additional challenges, but if you're after a casual hook-up or a friend-with-benefits, this isn't such an issue.

Hendricks said there are "so many guys who are into older women," but are worried about what other people will think.

"They just aren't aware of how many guys flip out for M.I.L.Fs and cougars," she said.

'I'm Your Mom's Hot Friend, and Your Friends' Hot Mom'

Hendricks was 51 when she set up her OnlyFans account and charges cubs $10 a month to sign up. She describes herself as "Your mom's hot friend, your friends' hot mom, your hot teacher, your milf fantasy."

In her dating life, she has a preference for men in their 20s, but has an age ceiling. She won't date anyone younger than 21, and is less interested in men over 37.

"That works for me," she said. "I have friends who have sons that age and I can tell they're weird about it, but I have no interest in them. I guess it is a little scandalous, but I guess that's part of the appeal for me."

She's said there's just "something" about men in their early 20s, and it's not just physical attraction. Hendricks said she finds it easier to connect with younger men, as they're usually looking for fun and adventure.

"Of course, they're ridiculously hot," she said. "But they are not jaded. I've had bad relationships and been through it all. These guys are fresh as a daisy. They are light, they are fun, they are without the responsibilities of an older life. That's what I want right now."

'I Would Never Date Anyone Over 37, They Become Less Fun and More Judgmental'

Hendricks currently has two ongoing cyber relationships with men in this age range. One is in pharm tech, while the other is a senior in college. She met them both on dating apps, and regularly shares dirty snaps and enjoys flirty conversations.

Although the 20s are her "hotspot," she does also like men in their early 30s. These men tend to be young professionals who own their own apartments. As Hendricks currently lives with her family, it makes hook-ups easier.

"The younger guys might have roommates, which can make things weird," she said. "But I've just learned to expect that."

Hendricks said that after 37, men tend to be less free and fun, or become judgmental.

"The vibe comes creeping on too close to 40," she said. "They're also more likely to be married, and I'm not interested in anybody's husband or boyfriend."

However, Hendricks is still open to a relationship with someone her own age.

"I try to stay open," she said. "But I don't tend to feel the connection as strongly, or it's someone who likes me more than I like them, or I get bored."

Hendricks hopes that the advice shares with young men will benefit her fellow cougars out there.

"Hopefully, they'll leave with this knowledge and go out into the world, and it will do another woman some good."

So, if you're a young man hoping to win over an older woman, here are Hendricks' top five tips.

52-year-old Ginni Hendricks said she prefers younger women as they're usually looking for fun and adventure, just like her. Ginni Hendricks
52-year-old Ginni Hendricks said she prefers younger women as they're usually looking for fun and adventure, just like her. Ginni Hendricks© Ginni Hendricks

Tips for Younger Men Wanting to Date Older Women

1. Be Polite

Starting with the basics, Hendricks' first tip for young men interested in dating an older woman is to show some manners. "It doesn't have to be like you're in church or whatever, but let's have some basic conversation," she said.

Other than using dirty jokes or pick-up lines as an introduction, Hendricks said the worst thing you can do is send an unsolicited d*** pic. "I'm not interested," she said. "I'll block you."

2. Take Things Slow

Hendricks believes dating apps have led young men to lack patience when it comes to flirting.

"They're just out of touch with a slower pace," she said. "I'm never going to get out of bed in the middle of the night for a hookup. I'm not going to instantly meet you. I want to be romanced. You need to work at this a little."

However, Hendricks said she does not speak for every cougar, and that there are older women out there looking for a quick hook-up who will make this clear from the beginning.

"There are a lot of older women out there, and their story is not the same as mine," she said. "But generally speaking, you need to have a little more patience than with a 22-year-old girl who is used to the swipe life."

52-year-old Ginni Hendricks' "hotspot" is men in their early 20s, but she refuses to date anyone younger than 21. Ginni Hendricks
52-year-old Ginni Hendricks' "hotspot" is men in their early 20s, but she refuses to date anyone younger than 21. Ginni Hendricks© Ginni Hendricks

3. Find Some Common Ground

Even if you're both just in it for the sex, Hendricks said it's important to build a connection, just like you would with any date. "Music or movies are easy, books, but just anything," she said.

4. Put Effort Into Your Profile

As it is the first thing any cougar will see, Hendricks said it's important to get your dating profile just right. "Set your profile up right to welcome us," she said. "Avoid a general air of 'f*** boy.'"

Hendricks said this means no pics of you and your mother, or a group shot with 18 other guys. However, shirtless is "good," as is expressing a preference for older women in your bio. "We want to see you," she said. "We want to look at what you've got going on."

The phrase "old soul" is a favorite of Hendricks, as it shows you're a little more mature. "Write 'old soul' and I'm there," she said. "It says you're a little more patient and calm, and not just some wild boy roaming out there."

5. Don't Call Them 'Mommy'

Just like many older men find being called "Daddy" creepy, a lot of mature women don't want to be your mommy. "Keep the 'mommy' thing to yourself," she warned.

6. Compliment Them

Everyone loves a compliment, regardless of age or gender. Still, Hendricks said generic compliments such as "you're so attractive" are a no-no.

"Try 'You have beautiful eyes' or 'you look great in that dress'," she said. "But whatever you do, no matter how old we are—don't mention our age."

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