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JUST MEAT!!!!!!!


Well soldiers are always front line fodder in any army ......they set it up like that ....while commanders/generals/majors/officers/colonels......etc delegate death on a massive scale........ in  luxury's about the level of human beings treating human beings ......soldiers are  just collateral .....and while the soldiers  are in operation  ........dying ,......being killed/bombed/shot......there are fresh ones being made in paris texas.....and other bases   ........ready for the war machine to trundle on ........

Sure you will get a  knock on the door  ........saying they are sorry ........ .how the loss of your son daughter  was a great loss's their job to deliver bad news .......and act like they care....... they are sorry's a fucking job .....they are employed in the army to do .....there was a movie about it ........with woody harrelson........folded  flag  ......etc .....grave  in the war cemetery ....i have not one  gram of  patriotism for my country or any country .....they are all run by govts  ....who do not  give a fuck is a  business ......a war machine  .......that creates wealth  .......death .......and if you think your  patriotism all about a folded  flag in a triangular box ......the price  .....of patriotism much  does the box and flag  cost more than a life .......i think not brass in the military are doing deal with  merchants of death .........that's why they go to officers academy and such like toff places .......they are taught business  delegation and all that top brass  stuff .....soldiers are recruited in low income  hoods places do not get them hustling in rich places .......... nope  those kids are all set to go to   college know money ......poverty is where  the picking are folks ......a way out of  poverty  ....and train them ........and  then fly them into death ......leaving a pregnant  girlfriend raise a fatherless son ........if you do not know this  .......then you are  just numb to the facts of war ......go to any bad  hood place and you will see  army navy  place  recruiting ......go to a place  where there are mansions  and   posh places  shopping centres  and malls are not going to see it  ...they will not  allow  it ......fucking fact jack .......if you serve and do not go to war are one of the very .......very....... lucky ones  ......that did not  get   fucked  .....

So combine that mentality and then pour servile ......repugnant  russian mentality on top .....and you probably better  of   dead folded  flag  for  you ......vladimir   does not  give a  fuck about anyone  .....only money cronies  and you know  they are all in bed together ,,,,,,,all money men ......they talk money the poor  are just meat on the slab  is  pop control .......all the countries know the game  ......just played  differently ........america  pretends it cares  about it millitary  .......but  .....if you think it does're a fucking putz

AFP via Getty
AFP via Getty

Russian soldiers sent next door to kill Ukrainians are increasingly getting killed by their own military instead.

That’s according to the independent outlet iStories, which on Tuesday released a new report detailing Russia’s deadly mishaps on the battlefield, with drunk soldiers, negligent commanders, and the clumsy use of weapons blamed for the trend.

Russian troops have also been caught venting openly to relatives about the dangers they face from their own men in Ukraine.

In audio released by Ukrainian intelligence on Tuesday and said to capture a Russian soldier's phone conversation, a man identified only as Aleksei tells his mother the military just sent reinforcements. He explains that the reinforcements came because “20 people are gone.”


“Our tank hit hard: It fired twice and 20 guys, fuck. I’m telling you, what the fuck kind of command is this, scumbags. They’re fucking killing their own,” Aleksei, who described himself as a commander, said.

“I’m telling you, there are more losses from our own [guys],” than the Ukrainians, he said.

Another purported soldier, heard complaining to a friend back home in audio released Monday, said it was clear the military leadership gives “zero fucks” if their soldiers come back alive.

“It’s not a war, it’s a shit show. It’s complete bullshit,” he said. “That’s it, the entire response from leadership: There are 300,000 of you, basically, we don’t give a fuck.”

“Don’t you dare come here, and know that it’s complete shit,” he told his friend. “Only on [state-run] Channel One are there fucking tanks, here there’s fucking nothing, brother. Here there’s nothing, you have no food, you drink from puddles.”

Russia Can Finally See That Putin’s ‘Days Are Numbered’

The dispatches from the battlefield have finally begun to filter through to ordinary Russians back home, many of whom have been bombarded in recent days with propaganda videos urging them to sign up for the war to earn some extra cash. Perhaps in a sign of low morale, the videos were so cringey that many pro-Kremlin bloggers began pushing the claim they were actually made by Ukraine’s intelligence services to discredit the war.

The reality on the ground is that Russia is knowingly killing its own troops even as it wages war against Ukraine, according to Russian troops interviewed by Mediazona.

Dmitry Panov, a 30-year-old Muscovite, told the independent outlet he’d volunteered to join the war in the summer but refused to fight any further after commanders mistakenly killed their own men in Novoselivka in the Donetsk region.

“We are just meat. They don’t want to know us, they present us as some kind of animals that are being led to the slaughter," Panov said.

After commanders didn’t even bother to notify his unit that their location in the Kharkiv region had already been surrendered to Ukraine, he said, “many guys' eyes stopped burning brightly and dimmed from the realization that we were not soldiers or defenders here, we were something else. Then we realized that we were disposable.”

That realization has begun to seep in more and more for troops slated to keep the war going in Ukraine. An entire battalion in Crimea has now refused to fight because they don’t want to “die in vain,” according to a report from Astra out Tuesday.

Relatives interviewed by the channel said the entire 127th Separate Reconnaissance Brigade opted out due to “heavy losses.”

iStories reports that some Russians killed during the war never even made it to the front line—even though Russian media claimed they had died heroically on the battlefield.

Roman Moiseyev, 25, was mourned by people in Russia’s Vladimir region after supposedly dying in Ukraine in March. The reality, however, is that he was shot dead by a fellow soldier in Belgorod, iStories reports.

While “friendly fire” incidents are typical in any war, experts told iStories the rate of Russians killing Russians has shot up in recent months and surpasses that of anything seen before.

“At the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, there were fewer victims of friendly fire in the Russian army than there are now,” Ukrainian military expert Alexander Kovalenko was quoted saying.

Such incidents are reported every day, he said.

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