People keep talking about Meghan Markle's feet.

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The Duchess of Sussex's feet have been the center of attention several times because apparently people really care about your toes when you're a royal! Earlier, people noticed that her second toe is longer than her big toe. The condition is called "Morton's toe," and it's really common.

People have also pointed out that Meghan has likely had bunion surgery.

Meghan appears to have a small scar on the side of her left foot. It's a clear mark of bunion removal surgery, according to professionals.

"This scar we see here on the top of the foot is consistent with a bunion surgery scar," podiatrist Dr. Neal Blitz told Inside Edition. "Bunions are corrected by cutting the bone... and then we slide the bone into the proper position."

Bunions can be caused by high heels, Dr. Blitz explained. They can also be hereditary, however. Now, people are wondering if Meghan will have surgery on her o