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“I’m pretty sure that all of us as bartenders have at some point in time accidentally told somebody that their partner was having an affair, am I right?” 

These are the exact words that Caylee, a bartender on TikTok, opened one of her videos with. 

She goes on to reveal one of her craziest work stories involving a cheating husband, his mistress, and his wife. 

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The bartender shares that she accidentally exposed a customer’s affair to his wife during one of her shifts. 

In a video that has gained over 2 million views, Caylee explains how she unintentionally broke the news to a female customer that her husband was cheating on her. 

She shares that some bartenders will purposefully disclose to customers if their partner is having an affair due to their own moralities. 

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Caylee claims that she wishes to remain uninvolved in her customer’s personal affairs. “Whatever you do in your personal life is what you do in your personal life, I’m just here to make drinks and serve them and I just soak in the drama,” she says. 

However, she adds that she does not condone cheating. 

While bartending at a restaurant, Caylee had regular customers who would come in every Wednesday evening. 

One of the customers was a man who would arrive at the bar 15 minutes before a woman came in, and they would sit together. 

Both the man and woman would order drinks at the bar before being asked to be seated at one of Caylee’s tables she was serving at. 

After a few weeks of the customers consistently dining together at the restaurant, Caylee says that it became obvious that the two were having an affair. 

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“Just by their behavior and bartending for a while, you kind of see the same type of behaviors,” she says. 

“They both wore wedding rings and they both exclusively told me that they were each other’s friend.” 

As time went on, Caylee and her customers got to know each other better and would often engage in conversation. 

One evening while Caylee was working, the man would up leaving the restaurant early while the woman remained behind. 

The woman ordered a glass of wine, and the two began chatting. “She starts venting and what she tells me is that she is divorcing her husband, and then she tells me that her friend, the one she meets at the bar every week, is helping her with her finances,” Caylee says. 

The woman opened up to Caylee about her feelings toward the man.

“She tells me that she’s interested in him, and she loves him and they've been friends since they were children, and she wants to be with him, but she doesn’t know if he wants to be with her and she wants him to leave his wife,” she reports. 

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The woman also revealed to Caylee that the man had told her that he thought Caylee was pretty, which resulted in her having what Caylee calls “a hissy fit” and to her understanding, that was why the man left early. 

Still, Caylee attempted to console the woman, yet found herself in a tough spot since the man was still married and she did not want to encourage the woman to go for it. 

“Nonetheless, that was the last time I saw either of them for quite some time,” Caylee says. 

A few months later, Caylee was working a Friday night shift when the restaurant was especially busy. 

“This one particular night, I was having a problem with my contacts and I decided to wear my glasses,” she says. 

However, Caylee shares that her glasses often give her headaches, so she ultimately decided to take them off and deal with foggy vision for the night. 

While she was working, the same man that would come in every Wednesday entered with a woman that resembled the same one he usually sat with. 

“Needless to say, I can barely see and I’m convinced that these are the two people who I saw every Wednesday,” Caylee says. 

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However, when Caylee asked the couple if they were having their usual drink orders, the woman grew visibly upset and sat down at a nearby table. 

She assumed that she had said something to unintentionally offend the two as she brought their drinks over to the table, where they were having an intense discussion. 

When Caylee returned behind the bar, her co-worker informed her that the woman with the man was not the same woman he usually came in with. 

“I’m like, ‘oh, s--t, so that’s his wife!” 

Caylee was unable to see the woman’s face clearly since she wasn’t wearing her glasses or contacts but claimed that she resembled the other woman. 

Upon realizing that she had accidentally exposed the man’s affair, Caylee ended her video with this: “All I have to say is that man has a type.” 

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