Bill Maher predicts GOP will win big in midterms because of 'woke culture' and says America is now the 'Titanic right after the iceberg hit': Compares democracy to a McRib - 'it's here now... so enjoy it while you can'

  • Bill Maher, 66, said 'democracy will lose' on Election Day and that Americans 'won't care' because 'they never followed politics to begin with' 
  • 'Democracy is on the ballot, and unfortunately, it's going to lose and once it's gone, it's gone,' he said on his show Real Time on Friday 
  • He predicted that 'woke culture' played a huge part in the Republican Party's ability to 'do so well in this election' 
  • Maher said Democrats have 'gone super crazy with lots of s**t that the average American just never voted for' and it has hurt them in the 2022 midterms
  • He also said it didn't matter if Trump, who is rumored to be running in 2024, 'wins or loses' because he has people behind him to back his 'bulls**t'
  • 'I'm afraid democracy is like the McRib, it's here now [and] it'll be around for a little bit longer, so enjoy it while you can...We're the Titanic,' he said