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Isle of Skye beauty spot turned into 'plastic graveyard'

Pictures show the rocky beach completely covered in plastic, wood and sea debris.

The beach near Ardtreck Point Lighthouse in Skye is covered in debris
The beach near Ardtreck Point Lighthouse in Skye is covered in debris

An Isle of Skye beauty spot has been turned into a "plastic graveyard," according to a disappointed tourist. Tash Draper was left "heartbroken" by the sight she was greeted with during her five-day holiday on the stunning isle.

The 27-year-old, from Devon, was out for a walk on Monday when she came across the sea of plastic "bedded into the ground" at a beach near Ardtreck Point Lighthouse. Tash said she was "taken back and upset" by the litter that greeted her whilst out walking in the area.

Pictures taken by Tash showed the rocky beach completely covered in plastic, wood and sea debris. In front of the beautiful hills and animals, large plastic tanks and ropes could be seen scattered across the ground.

Tourist Tash Draper was "heartbroken" by the sight
Tourist Tash Draper was "heartbroken" by the sight 

Tash has slammed those responsible and revealed that she hopes to be able to organise a clean up of the area. Speaking to the Record, she said: "It is very upsetting. Travelling around this beautiful island we were heartbroken to see the beach like this.

"We were taken back and upset over the plastic graveyard we discovered whilst out walking. I'm assuming it’s been like this for years as the plastic is bedded into the ground."

Tash described it as a 'plastic graveyard'
Tash described it as a 'plastic graveyard' 
She is hoping to organise a clean up
She is hoping to organise a clean up 

Tash said most of the waste appeared to be commercial fishing rubbish which made her "very angry". She added: "I've been told this is a common issue here and that it’s an uphill battle getting it cleaned up in the less touristy areas due to funding.

"We've been trying to get in contact with local organisations and to organise a volunteer clean up. I just want to get it out there to hopefully make people realise and make a difference."

A Highland Council spokesperson told the Record that much of the debris pictured appeared to be material that had washed ashore from the sea.


They added: "In general, the Council does not have a programme for the clearance of beach litter as it would consume considerable resources given that the Highland Council area has a coastline longer than that of Spain.

"However, the Council’s Access Rangers and Waste Management teams will work to assist and facilitate local communities or organisations that wish to arrange beach clean-ups. Equipment will be provided, help in publicising, attending the event and removal of what is collected. Over the past 


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