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leave britney alone !!!!!!!!!!


I am sure by now  britney  maybe wishing that she  did not like weed's not a good  exchange ........nine years for a  little weed  .....bad....... bad........ trade off ......... and in the  worst place  ....i am hoping america trades a prisoner  for her........  or it's winter in the russky porridge for real........ ......fucking cold i bet......... no central heating .......this is why .........when you travel check all you laws and shit ...... and  your bag  .......that  littl botlet of  weed .......... she will have to do a niner for  ......not  clever  britto!!!!!!!!!...........

Brittney Griner Getting Sent to the Harshest Type of Russian Prison for Women

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  • Brittney Griner
    Brittney Griner
WNBA star and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner sits in a cage in a courtroom prior to a hearing at the Khimki City Court outside Moscow, Russia, 27 July 2022. Griner, a World Champion player of the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury team was arrested in February at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport after some hash oil was detected and found in her luggage, for which she now could face a prison sentence of up to ten years. US basketball player Brittney Griner attends hearing on drug charges, Moscow, Russian Federation - 27 Jul 2022


Brittney Griner is getting sent to the harshest category of penal colonies for women, a so-called general regime prison, her lawyers tell PEOPLE.

Many women in Russia are sent to one of the 106 mixed gender low-security settlement penal colonies, but Griner's conviction for drugs means she will be serving her nine-year sentence in one of the 35 high security correctional institutions for women only.

"It's not an easy life in a settlement colony, but it's a lot harsher in a general regime colony" Natalia Filimonovna, from the NGO Russia Behind Bars, tells PEOPLE.

Sarah Krivanek, another American woman sentenced to jail in Russia, told a deportation hearing in Ryzan yesterday that her nine months in a nearby settlement colony were "hell." But unlike settlement colonies, the high security prisons have far stricter rules and are circled by guards in towers with automatic weapons, much like the Stalin-era gulags.

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Krivanek was sentenced to 16 months for causing "slight physical harm" to her roommate, but Griner's felony charge, of bringing a vape pen with hash oil into the country, is considered a "grave" crime, punishable in the highest category prison.

Sarah Krivanek
Sarah Krivanek

Ryazan Novaya Gazeta The low-security settlement penal colony where Sarah Krivanek was held, which is far less intense than where Brittney Griner will be

It is not yet known exactly which of the 35 colonies Griner is being sent to, but according to Galina Yakovleva, a Russian woman who served seven years under the same statute as Griner, she may well be surprised by the support of her fellow inmates.

"We're living in times when you get sent to a colony for the slightest possible reason, and so everyone feels that injustice keenly and unite together to support each other, whoever you are," she tells PEOPLE.


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