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 First off ....its my fav name  emily forst dog was  called  emily .......a boxer a  fine dog  .....very very girly ......and this emily  looks  girly .......but we  only need to see she is  fine words  needed ......

Emily Ratajkowski Paired the Tiniest Black String Bikini With Sky-High Lace-Up Heels

Long live 'kini season.

<p>Inamorata Instagram</p>

Inamorata Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski has a lot going on at the moment. Aside from delivering a constant stream of Very Good looks, churning out episodes of her new podcast, and keeping us on our toes in regard to her dating life (Hi, Pete Davidson!), the supermodel is also taking time to strip down in promotion of her swimwear line, Inamorata — and she posted the sexiest pictures to prove it.

On Monday, the brand shared a pair of photos showcasing its “go-to tanning bikini” on none other than EmRata herself. In the snaps, the model flexed her posing chops while lounging on the ground in Inamorata’s black CAPRERiA style, comprised of a tiny string bikini top paired with matching triangle-shaped bottoms. Both pieces featured dangling strings, which Ratajkowski tied into bows across her chest and on either hip.


Dainty gold drop earrings, a smattering of rings, and sky-high tan lace-up heels accessorized Emily’s look, and she wore her brown hair down straight in a middle part. The mother-of-one kept her glam simple in the shots, opting for cat eyeliner and a pink lip shade.

The supermodel's steamy photoshoot comes just weeks after she first sparked the aforementioned dating rumors with Davidson after being spotted together in public on multiple occasions. Most recently, Ratajkowski spent time with the former Saturday Night Live cast member on his birthday last Wednesday, where they were seen hugging.


“Emily is super into Pete right now,” a source recently told E! about the couple’s budding romance. “It's still very new, but they have been in nonstop communication and she just went out with him to celebrate his birthday and wanted to make him feel special.”

The source added, “It's a chill relationship so far. There's no pressure to make it exclusive, but she really likes him. Pete is charming and winning her over for sure.”

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