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Well all these wealthy so called politicians ......i automatically assume......... they are all up to some dodgy shite.......... in some form or other .......i mean the 6 figure earners are  always into .....some weird shit comes with wealth or territory ........birds of  afeather ....... ....its a known fact ........ when you can have lots of anything  .....and everything people get bored AF .!!!!!!!!!....yes they do!!!!!! ,,.......and stories are rampant about the wealthy .......the pelossis are worth a few hundred million .........which to me puts them in that curious bracket as i like to call it .......and you know the poeple  who are super rich hang around with as like people .....they do not  hang around with the peasant millionaires know a few million   does not  cut the cheese........the elite who have hundreds of millions are in an exclusive club  ..........just like  mister epstein .....he had islands .....jet.......many properties ........he did not mix with lower echelons .........just a fact's an exclusive club   .......and only  the wealthy get in's not  new news........  it's  known  by anyone with a gram of   common sense .........

Unconfirmed Conspiracy Theory Of Paul Pelosi's Alleged 'Gay Lover' Runs Wild On Social Media Following Attack

Brandon Wink - 8h ago

As usual, when an event occurs, there are reactions to it. With the event in question being the assault of Paul Pelosi by David DePape, there are two big reactions that are trending online in recent days — with some wild conspiracy theories being spread.

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The first is that DePape was supposedly an alt-right radical that tried to break in and assassinate Nancy Pelosi, and the second is that he's actually a gay homeless prostitute that was engaging in some sort of 2 a.m. romp with Paul Pelosi that turned sour and ended with a hammer fight.

This second theory is currently running rampant on Twitter, following some unconfirmed reports that pushed a different piece of the story. This, combined with Paul's previous incident in which he was intoxicated, gave meme creators ample material to create some and post them online.

Related video: Man arrested for attacking Paul Pelosi posted conspiracy theories online

violent attack at the home of Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco this
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Man arrested for attacking Paul Pelosi posted conspiracy theories online
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As is typical when it comes to events like this, people will quickly start to create memes and push their version of what they think the events were — whether in jest or seriousness. This led to a lot of memes about Paul Pelosi being gay or having Nancy Pelosi supporting him for his sexuality.

Another spin of the conspiracy is taking shots at the perpetrator, David DePape, with pictures being passed around online that purportedly show his house in San Francisco and many claiming that because he supposedly has things like a Pride flag outside a residence they claim he lives in, he couldn't possibly have attacked Pelosi for political reasons.

This also created a trend in which people began to post about the dangers of the hammers themselves, with a Ted Cruz image being used to try and ban "assault hammers" from being licensed.

While these theories are completely unfounded, it hasn't stopped them from being spread (and memed) all around the web.


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