Tuesday, October 18, 2022

you see


You see  filthy low life s ervile  repugnant bastards  i hope their day comes  they like  lose  a  family memebr  or  get covid or  something ......fuckers   do not  deserve  anything .......

Vile couple are filmed torturing kitten by throwing him like a FRISBEE while bathing off Florida beach - and demand $1,000 from shocked onlookers just to stop

When approached by outraged onlookers, the suspects, 27-year-old John Laguerre (top right) and Jamarria Wayne, 22 - joked and demanded money to cease the abuse. The incident transpired late last month in Miami and saw both suspects arrested by officers on the sands of scenic Sunny Isles Beach - but not before resisting arrest and even almost biting one of the officers. The entire altercation was caught on camera by one beachgoer - and the kitten, pictured clinging to life after the ordeal, survived. Both suspects have since been bonded out, with Wayne charged with two felony counts of battery and attempted battery on a police officer and resisting arrest, while Laguerre was hit with resisting arrest and animal cruelty - both misdemeanors. Following their arrest, the pair failed to return to retrieve their pet - spurring one of the feline's saviors to step up and adopt him two days after the incident.

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