Some people are just downright nasty. Maybe they are always calling people names or perhaps they regularly come off condescending. If you've ever looked at a colleague, friend, or family member and wondered where their bad behavior comes from, astrology might be able to provide some answers. Read on to discover the six nastiest signs, from slightly unpleasant to downright disagreeable.

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Geminis are famously two-sided, and while one side is friendly and sociable, they can be quite intense at times. The duality of their nature leads to some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moments as "they can suddenly flip in a flash of anger," astrologer Jetta warns. And while Geminis are usually quite affable, you should be on guard if they get angry. "Because of their verbal prowess, they can be quite incendiary and hurtful with their words," Jetta notes. But don't worry: Before you know it, they'll be back to their usual selves.


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Cancers are complicated. This emotional sign knows how to hold a grudge, and if they feel like you've wronged them, you need to watch out. Jetta warns that like their crab namesake, Cancers "can sometimes snap at people when they get into one of their moods." When they are angry or sad, they'll put their walls up or their shell on and shut down. "At their worst, Cancers are capable of extreme pettiness but they are rarely overtly nasty," she says. Instead, they'll be "mildly rude and passive-aggressive." But if you mention their bad behavior, they probably won't admit to any wrongdoing, they'll snap back.

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Aquarians can seem quite distant because they're lost in thought or lecturing without listening, which can make them seem nasty at times. According to Jetta, this edgy sign can appear disagreeable "because of their detached disposition," especially because "they can often be out of touch with the impact their actions have on others." If an Aquarius seems nasty, they might just have trouble understanding others.


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Virgos are analytical perfectionists and can often use their analysis to pass judgment on themselves and others. Jetta says this dark side can lead to them being "even harsher towards others, especially as a projection of their own self-loathing." Jetta warns to watch out for an "embittered Virgo, who can be exceedingly vitriolic." But after their bad behavior, she explains that they feel "a lot of guilt and remorse that might, in turn, deepen the pit of self-loathing and, thus continue a circle of despair and unresolved pain."

Alice Altaresident astrologer for the Futurio app, says because Virgos "have a keen eye for imperfection, they can criticize people 24/7." But their intentions are ultimately good, they want to make other people better by pointing out these problems.

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Aries "can be brutal, hurtful and very nasty," according to Jetta. But if you find yourself fighting with an Aries, know that this won't last for long, and they'll probably feel remorseful after their outburst. "Aries is less inclined than other signs to hold grudges," she says. So don't be surprised if they quickly move on after a serious squabble.


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Scorpios are known for being vicious at times."Because of their scary scorpion persona, Scorpio often gets unfairly misunderstood, as they also use their powers of perception to identify problems at the root level," says Jetta.

According to Alta, "Scorpio feels like a fighter against evil whose purpose is to eliminate it." So, if they perceive someone as evil, they'll attack them quickly and "boldly criticize the shortcomings of others."