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If you do not know ......... or understand ........then you are wasting your time on this one .........she tread on some toes .....she should know better  .......some things in the showbiz arena are truly better left alone .......if you are awake........ and  understand the power of power's not hard to know .......she sowed the seeds of her own demise .......she must have known  by muttering some certain things she would be  canned /sacked/fired/let go/clipped/sacked .......

comments about Satan, migrants, and blood-drinking globalists

Lara Logan in 2017
Lara Logan in 2017 Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Lara Logan, formerly a CBS News reporter and more recently a frequent Fox News guest, went so off-field on former Fox News host Eric Bolling's Newsmax show Wednesday night, Newsmax said she is no longer welcome on the right-wing network. Bolling brought her on to talk about immigration, and she ended up "pushing QAnon tropes, invoking blood libel, and fear-mongering about a 'global cabal' planning to 'dilute the pool of patriots' in the United States," The Daily Beast reports.

"Newsmax condemns in the strongest terms the reprehensible statements made by Lara Logan and her views do not reflect our network," Newsmax told The Daily Beast on Thursday. "We have no plans to interview her again."

Logan started her comments Wednesday by predicting the Biden administration is trying to engineer "a Reichstag fire" — an event the Nazis used to consolidate power and curtail liberties — then went on to claim she was shown a secret United Nations plan in which a "global cabal" would "dilute the blood of patriots" by importing 100 million immigrants, stating God knows "the open border is Satan's way of taking control of the world," and insisting Israeli intellectual Yuval Harari "and the rest of them at the World Economic Forum ... want us eating insects, cockroaches ... while they dine on the blood of children."


Fox News dropped Logan and scrapped her Fox Nation streaming show after she compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to a notorious Nazi doctor last year. Since then, The Daily Beast's Justin Baragona writes, "Logan has become increasingly associated with the QAnon community" and has "been openly peddling antisemitic tropes in recent months," often centered around "the Rothschilds."

"Conservatives often complain about being deplatformed," but "in this case, Logan has effectively been deplatformed by right-wing media outlets such as Fox News and Newsmax, two channels that often fuel complaints about the supposed censorship of conservatives," CNN's Oliver Darcy observes. "It shows that people like Logan are often exiled from platforms not for holding conservative views, but because they use their platforms in a grossly irresponsible way."


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