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I am fine with her hotness ........i'ts just jealousy's okay for a  golf woman to have a nice crotch and tits ......i am not.......... and will never  complain ....about  hot female  parts .......why ....because i am a pig.........simple .......the haters are  just insecure  females who were not  blessed  with cans and  nice  downstairs ........oh fucking well can never  win  .....there will be no end  to a mass of   sub par losers ...........

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac says she feels 'this immense pressure to look perfect, all the time'

Paige Spiranac is tired of being body shamed.

The golf influencer, 29, took to her YouTube channel to share her experience being shamed by online commenters after she threw the first pitch at the Milwaukee Brewers game on Sept. 16. In the Oct. 6 video, titled "Body Shaming & Life Online, Do I Deserve It?", Spiranac said that her social media was flooded with comments suggesting she had not looked her best at the game, and that her different appearance was due to the fact that she could not use "filters" in real life.

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 16: Social Influencer Paige Spiranac throws out a first pitch during a game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the New York Yankees on September 16, 2022, at American Family Field in Milwaukee, WI. (Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

"When I shoot, I obviously pick the best pictures. I have great lighting. There's a lot that goes into getting a nice picture," she explained in the YouTube video. "And so when you're at a stadium that has severe overhead lighting, fluorescent overhead lighting, you're just not going to look your best. And so I have just felt this immense pressure to look perfect, all the time. And that is humanly impossible. It is seriously so difficult to do that. No one can do that. Even the most beautiful women in the world don't always look a certain way."

Spiranac, who said that the pressure to look perfect has increased since she earned the top spot on Maxim's Hot 100 earlier this year, shared that she had battled an eating disorder in college and does not want to feel badly about her body due to online shaming. Still, she said she has to acknowledge that her body is a part of her brand as an influencer and content creator.

"It's such a complex, difficult situation for me because my body is such a big part of my brand and my business. I have set it up that way, for right or wrong," she explained. "That is just how this has progressed. And so I know that my body will always be criticized, because I put it out there and I need to be able to accept that."

In September, Spiranac took to Instagram to share that she was hurt by comments she received on recent posts that criticized her body. In a since-expired Instagram Story, she wrote, "Honestly, the amount of men calling me 'fat' on this post is next level lol. I've had to delete so many comments which I almost never do."

She acknowledged that it was hard for her to maintain her "ideal weight" year after year, and that it was "defeating" to see people call out her insecurities.

In January 2021, she called out the pressure to be perfect for her audience — this time, on Twitter. She wrote, "It's crazy I can be told I look too fat, too skinny, too plastic, too old, wearing too much makeup, not enough makeup, boobs too big, butt not big enough, too pale, hair too blonde, not blonde enough all in one day. Guys it's not a build a bear workshop over here. Calm it down."


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