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Sofía Vergara’s Topless Throwback Photo Shows She’s Always Been a Confident Queen

Sofía Vergara owns the summertime snapshots. From stunning mirror selfies to bikini photos from her early modeling days, Vergara knows how to make everyone stop in their tracks. The Modern Family alum knows she’s a glowing goddess, and has been since her modeling days in her late teens. This grainy throwback photo on her Instagram story shows she not only owns the summertime, but she’s the absolute Queen of Throwback Thursday.

On Oct 6, Vergara shared a photo of herself from an early photo shoot with the simple caption, “#TBT Republica Domicana.”

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Sofia Vergara IG story.
Sofia Vergara IG story.

In the photo, we see a grainy snapshot of Vergara looking so beautiful on the beach, with her hair flowing down her back. She looks so confident and alluring in this photo, covering her breasts with her forearms. The nearly fully-nude photo has taken everyone’s breath away, and for good reason!


The fashion icon got her start in modeling at only 17 years old when she was discovered on a beach in her home country of Colombia. After modeling for a few years, she switched to acting and business, becoming one of the highest-paid actresses for multiple years in a row.

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In an archived interview with InStyle, she revealed that even though she wasn’t always super confident, over time, she found ways to feel her most beautiful. “What’s most important is how you feel on the inside. And I feel beautiful when I’m with my husband and my family and friends. Don’t get me wrong: I can assure you, during those moments, I’ll have some makeup on—and probably high heels.”

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