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did you know ....well you do now...... or not ........


here is more useless  did you know  stuff ........enjoy or not ......i do not care  ......maybe ....who knows ...... 

The first car that Volvo produced rolled off the assembly line in 1927, and was the first automaker to include safety belts.
While driving on Route 10 between El Paso, Texas and Tucson, Arizona you will see billboards for “The Thing.”  What is it you're wondering? We may never know.
In Lake City, Colorado several prospectors walked into the snowy mountains and Packer came back to town 66 days later looking well fed and had all his companions money.
A long time ago in Wickenburg, Arizona there was no jail so criminals were simply chained to this tree waiting for the sheriff to come pick them up

Did You Know?
You can explore the world's largest plant maze at the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii.  The maze is a total of 2.5 miles long!
Santa Cruz, California has a place where a cabin sits on a slope in a way that makes you feel as if you are always leaning forward.
A long time ago in Wickenburg, Arizona there was no jail so criminals were simply chained to this tree waiting for the sheriff to come pick them up.
Socker Boppers were a big 'hit' in the 90s - no pun intended. Their spin-off products  - Sock'em Swords, Sock'em Shields, and Sock'em Screamers were also a successful sell.

Did You Know?
Here in Land-bridge, Virginia you will find confederate and Yankee troops battling against dinosaurs, just like how it happened during the Civil War….
Golf legend Jack Nicklaus went by the name, “The Golden Bear,” which was the mascot of his school, Upper Arlington High School.
Former stock car racing driver Jeff Gordon also went by the name, “Rainbow Warrior,” when his car had a rainbow painted on it.
Baseball hall of famer Lou Gehrig went by the name “The Iron Horse” because he established a record number of consecutive games played by a professional baseball player, appearing in 2130 consecutive games from 1925 to 1939. He was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in 1939, now commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s disease

In Hastings, Ne this museum is all about Bigfoot.  Apparently, there are Bigfoot sightings all over the U.S., not just the north west as most believe.
Rollerblades inline skates were all the rage in the '90s. Forget old school skates! Pair your roller blades with some neon bicycle shorts and a neon cut-off t-shirt and you are the epitome of the '90s.
The Skip-It was a popular toy in the '90s. You would slip it around your ankle and swing it around 360 degrees which would allow you to "skip" over it. It even had a tracker for amount of rotations so you could keep track and try to beat your goal!
Quarterback Hall of Famer Joe Montana also earned himself the nickname “The Comeback Kid,” for his comeback victories in the 

Did You Know?
Christ of the Abyss.  Guido Galletti created this 2.5 meter tall statue of Christ and submerged it in Italy.  Another great diving spot for sure!
Pink Sands Beach.  There are several pink sand beaches scattered across the planet, this one is in the Bahamas.  An organism's reddish-pink shell causes this coloration.
This sound isolating chamber is located at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota.  It is so quiet sound is measured in negative decibels.
Beanie Babies were a huge fad in the '90s, but for those who have held on to these stuffed animals, they can see financial gain for their increased resale value.


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