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crap dining


Let me say this ......people in america  do not know good  food from bad  food .......... they have no idea about food ....they want big portions........ as  long as its food .......... they do not  care  ...oh!!!!!and fries with that ....most food is  cooked in salt and butter ......... and  that's  how they like it .......they do not  know  good  food  ...only 2% of the planet is  gourmet   ...the rest   do not  know.....good  food ....its usually soaked in butter........  propped  with  fries  or  some  crap seasoning .......if  food  was  that  good....... it would not  need   salt and  butter  but its  bland  ......and if you eat meat   riddled   with  muric acid  ....which is  urine .........yes  piss .......get over it ......most servers  are just   wanting tipped they do not  give a  fuck ...they tuck your odrder and some schlep brings the food  ......thats it   ...a  real  waiter used  to tend to  you ....all they want is the tip.......... after you pay they do not  care if you die in front of them ........

All of a sudden the bill comes out ... 30% to 40% higher': Here's why restaurants are suddenly serving up airline-style fees

'All of a sudden the bill comes out ... 30% to 40% higher': Here's why restaurants are suddenly serving up airline-style fees
'All of a sudden the bill comes out ... 30% to 40% higher': Here's why restaurants are suddenly serving up airline-style fees

Diners around the country are noticing a sneaky trend when they go out to eat these days. Although prices on the menu have stayed the same, the overall cost at the end of the meal has suddenly spiked.

For John Savage, who lives in the San Franciso area, that means he and his wife are dining out far less.

“When you go out to a restaurant, you start doing mental math, you go, ‘Well, we spent $60 or $70 on food,” Savage says. “And all of a sudden the bill comes out, you know, 30% to 40% higher sometimes.”

After a closer look at his bill one night, Savage found that on top of his meal, he was being charged a 20% mandatory tip, a 5% San Francisco health care tax and an 8.625% sales tax.


He took to Twitter to vent his frustrations: “That's an extra 33% on top of your bill. Looks like I am cooking at home.”

Savage acknowledges that restaurants and other businesses have gone through tough times since the beginning of the pandemic. But rather than raise prices to account for inflation, or reduce portions through "shrink-flation," it seems like their pain is being passed on to customers in a new, sneakier way.

Welcome to the “fee-flation” economy.

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Fees are here, there, everywhere

These somewhat ambiguous fees have been cropping up on bills all over the service industry in recent months.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill added a $2 surcharge at all its locations across the country to help alleviate “macroeconomic” pressures.

Ca Va, a champagne bar in Kansas City, Missouri, is charging a 20% hospitality fee on all tabs to “ensure livable, competitive compensation for all staff.”

And Ally Restaurants in Minnesota, a chain of two restaurants and a food truck, is also charging a 3% “wellness fee” that goes toward making up benefits for staff.


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