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49 ,million........

 If you got 49 million ....and spend it onplaces like this do not  deserve shit ........who wants to live near  scum....and pay .......only a fucking fool .........but there  are not  shortage of rich fools......... look at the  assholes ......who live in california epic shithole of proportions ..........and the houses are  near homeless  people ..........i hope it fails  just fpr the fact pf where it is?????,,,,,,,,

$49m to live four blocks from THAT drug market? San Francisco's ultra-luxurious Four Seasons Residences sells just 13 of its 146 apartments, as street crime and drug abuse are blamed for deterring prospective buyers including Steph and Ayesha Curry

  • The luxury Four Seasons apartment building The Tower Residences has sold just 13 of its 146 units in the two years since it opened
  • The apartment building features a $49million penthouse and a host of amenities, and also sits right in the middle of the Tenderloin and SoMa neighborhoods, which have become hubs for open drug use in the city
  • The Tenderloin Linkage Center sits just four blocks away. Set up by the city to try and treat drug addicts, it has instead descended into a hub of hard drug use, with associated crime spilling out onto nearby streets  
  • One prominent buyer poised to pick up an apartment was NBA player Stephen Curry, who with his wife Ayesha reportedly signed for an $8million 2,800-square-foot 30th-floor condo in 2020
  • But as of October, not one of the 13 sales at the Tower Residences lists the Currys' name or LLCs associated with them, suggesting the basketball star abandoned his plans to move into the building
  • Crimes in San Francisco are up 7.4 percent from the same period last year, assaults are up 11.1 percent and robberies are up 5.2 percent, with much of that activity taking place in the blocks surrounding the building
  • Drug treatment centers in Tenderloin and SoMa have been blamed for drawing scores of drug users to the neighborhoods, converting them into open-air drug markets with encampments lining the sidewalks


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