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Well don;t hate the player as they say's just another  death in the rap world seems it's common thing  now.....i think its   gang rivalry self  ...rap does not  have a good  creed /rep/whatever  you wanna  call it  ........some of the best have been killed  ...of course i am talking about the great tupac .........and of course bigge ........... thank god we still have the snoop and  eminem .........but most of them now are slinging  ...they have to  be  ......i am not up on  rap not  care for most of  it   .....i am old school ............i love the snoop and  em .........beastie boys and  ice t and  shit  like that  .....some new  stuff  is  great  .....

some  great female  rappers  ....funny entertaining  such like .....but i'tsa  an industry fueled  with  vengenance.......  drugs a nd  gang opposition .........too many get  shot ........ i personally think  you do not pay your  dues ........ its clipping time ........

Rapper Half Ounce Dead After Being Shot While on Phone With Pregnant Wife

Rapper Half Ounce Dead After Being Shot While on Phone With Pregnant Wife

Friends and family are mourning the loss of musician Half Ounce.

According to a news release shared by the Los Angeles Police Department on Oct. 4, authorities rushed to the scene of the 700 block of South New Hampshire Avenue at 11:30 p.m. after receiving "numerous radio calls of shots fired, with a man screaming."

Upon arrival, police said they located a victim in front of an apartment building, unresponsive, with gunshot wounds. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

The LA County Coroner's office confirmed to NBC4 Los Angeles, that rapper Half Ounce, born Latauriisha O'Brien, was the man who was shot and killed.

Police also told Fox 11 that O'Brien was on the phone with his pregnant wife when she heard the gunshots and also rushed to the scene. The musician is also survived by an 8-year-old daughter, a 2-year-old son and a 9-month-old son, per the outlet.

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Authorities believe O'Brien and a friend were walking in the area when a dark-colored SUV pulled up, with the passenger firing shots at both men. Police are still working on identifying the friend, who was able to flee the scene, adding that the suspect is still at large.

Half Ounce

As shared to the rapper's Instagram page, O' Brien released a few songs over the past few years under his moniker including, "My Whole Life," "Elevate," and "About It." The musician's last post shared before his passing referenced his upcoming single, "Drop the Ball," which was set to be released on Oct. 14.

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