Welcome to The Dirt! I’m real estate reporter Kimberly Miller with the latest developments in the sizzling market.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, The Dirt is rich with celebrity and burdened by a sprinkling of infamy. Why? Because Palm Beach is a gold mine of rock stars, movie stars, cooking stars, and a few sordid billionaires, including the late serial molester Jeffrey Epstein whose estate was bulldozed to the ground last year.

The land is now slated for a new home. Palm Beach Daily News reporter Darrell Hofheinz got his hands on a few of the renderings, and you don't want to miss the new look. 

Also, as if you could forget, Sylvester Stallone has a lakefront estate in Palm Beach and there's no better time than a cranky divorce to take a look at his excellent home. Darrell takes readers on a tour this week detailing manor à la Rocky/Rambo/Cobra/Judge Dredd (add your favorite character here). 

On the other end of the island, a historic Addison Mizner mansion is being saved from Davey Jones's Locker by a woman who has battled more than just climate change to rescue the house. There's a fun behind-the-scenes note with this story. A fact checker said I couldn't use the word decadent to describe Mar-a-Lago. I was shocked. We still have fact checkers? But, really, is it because Mar-a-Lago isn't decadent?