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flooding ........


Well you cannot send a  postcard to anyone  saying  .....'wish you were here'.........i never wanted to go  to alaska know why .....its fucking cold ....and it looks like there is not  much to  do .......i cannot  imagine you can sit outside drinking coffee in alaska ........however  you had  sarah palin......i hade  such a thing for her was that librarian /milf/plain sort of look/with the glasses look ........very bangable ........but everything else looks like all you can do is hunt .....and sleep and survive ....and watch whales .............if i want to watch whlaes ........i just go to fort lauderdale beach....... and look at those old lady tourists from europe their one piece swimsuits .........

'Angry sea': Huge storm floods roads, homes in Alaska as governor declares disaster

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has declared a state of disaster Saturday as a powerful storm threatens huge swaths of the state's western coastline.

Towns are facing strong winds and flooding, and bracing for possible power outages caused by a storm forecasters are calling one of the worst in the state's recent history.

The storm systems continued to "produce a potentially historic and long-duration storm surge, and damaging high winds across southwestern and western Alaska," the National Weather Service said Saturday.

The remnants of Typhoon Merbok are expected to bring moderate to heavy rainfall to the region until Sunday morning. On Saturday morning, a "very angry sea" brought storm surge into the community of Port of Nome, the Weather Service station in Fairbanks, Alaska tweeted. Wind gusts could reach hurricane strength in some areas, Weather Service forecasts say.

Significant coastal flooding is expected until Sunday morning, with the highest water levels Saturday afternoon, the Weather Service said.

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On Saturday, photos showed roads in Golovin, Alaska, were covered with floodwater and the tide reached homes, causing a couple of homes to float off their foundations, the Weather Service station in Fairbanks, Alaska said. Golovin, Alaska is a small town about 70 miles east of Nome.

Other photos shows flooded vehicles and a building stuck under a bridge after being swept off its foundation.


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