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dont trust them..........


So what happens when there is a disaster and you have no power .......then you have no car.......unless you have a  generac bollocks deal ............most poeple do not........... i would have thought  .....but then thinking gets me in trouble ........stuck in the dark and no car to drive  ........well bozzo that is a bad deal ......if you have gas .....then you got a phone charger .......... and  you can drive .........yes  in an electric car way jose.......stuck a turd in a bowl .......i simply do not trust the grid...... .....the govt ......... and  money  ....i think if they want to  close it they can .......and there is fuck all you can do ...........and your  car is no fucking good ......think about it  before  giving up the gas  ........yes we can run out of  gas but always keep your tank filled .........that's a no brainer  .....if you run on E......then you are  asking for  bernard /barney/barney rubble....trouble...........

Electric car charging costs nearing petrol prices for some - 

Electric car being charged
Electric car being charged

The cost of charging an electric car has surged due to the rise in energy prices, prompting fears it will put off drivers from buying them, the RAC said.

It said electric car (EV) owners who use "rapid" public charging points were paying almost the same for electricity as they would for petrol per mile.

Charging the cars at home is cheaper, but domestic bills are also rising.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been blamed for much of the recent rise in electricity and gas prices.

The RAC said its research showed the cost to charge an electric car on a pay-as-you-go basis at a publicly accessible rapid charger had increased by 42% since May to an average of 63.29p per kWh.


The hike in price means drivers who only use the public network to charge vehicles pay around 18p per mile for electricity.

That is just one pence less per mile for a petrol car, based on someone driving at an average of 40 miles to the gallon, the motoring group said.

The cost per mile for charging electric vehicles at home is around 9p per mile for the average-sized car. The BBC has been told most EV drivers charge at home overnight.

"For those that have already made the switch to an electric car or are thinking of doing so, it remains the case that charging away from home costs less than refuelling a petrol or diesel car, but these figures show that the gap is narrowing as a result of the enormous increases in the cost of electricity," RAC spokesman Simon Williams said.

"These figures very clearly show that it's drivers who use public rapid and ultra-rapid chargers the most who are being hit the hardest."

Mr Williams said the government's support package for household bills, which will see typical bills limited to about £2,500 per year until 2024, would benefit drivers charging vehicles at home.

However, he warned for those relying on public charge points and without driveways would face a "much bleaker picture".

He said the cap on wholesale energy prices for businesses, which will see bills cut by around half their expected level this winter, "should lead to some price reductions by charge point operators in the coming weeks".

"But what EV drivers don't want to see is operators having to hike their charges next spring if wholesale costs keep climbing," he said.

Man using smart phone while charging electric car in front yard
Man using smart phone while charging electric car in front yard

Charging vehicles at home can be cheaper than public chargers due to the way electricity is taxed, with the RAC calling for to reduce VAT at public chargers from 20% to 5%, the level it is in the home.

"That would reduce the cost of an 80% rapid charge by 7.91p to 55.38p per kWh, and an ultra-rapid charge by 7.99p to 55.95p per kWh and would not unfairly penalise those drivers who can't charge their cars at home," Mr Williams said.

Quentin Willson, founder of the FairCharge campaign, said the government needed to "act" on charging costs by capping rises of public charging costs and lowering VAT.

"If they don't, all those years of promises of a zero-emission future, clean air and energy independence will have come to nothing," he added.

The Department for Transport electric vehicles continued to "offer opportunities for savings against their petrol and diesel counterparts, with lower overall running costs thanks to cheaper charging, lower maintenance costs and tax incentives".

"We want consumers to have the confidence to make the switch to cleaner, zero emissions cars, and that is why we continue to support the growth of our world-leading charging network and have pledged £1.6bn since 2020 to delivering chargepoints across the country," a statement added.

Electric cars also usually cost thousands of pounds more than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

This is because EV batteries are expensive to make and a high level of investment is needed to transform existing factory production lines to manufacture the new technology.

However, costs are expected to come down in the near future: industry group the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders forecasts electric and internal combustion engine cars should cost roughly the same "by the end of this decade".

and added here are more bad news for the brits ............

Faulty charging points make UK unfit for electric cars, says Which?

Majority of EV owners who use public chargers want the option of paying by a contactless bank card. Photo: John Walton/PA
Majority of EV owners who use public chargers want the option of paying by a contactless bank card. Photo: John Walton/PA

The majority of electric vehicle (EV) owners are unhappy with the UK’s public charging system, a survey suggests.

The Which? research of pure electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles highlights the difficulties many motorists face trying to find a charger that works.

The poll of almost 1,500 members of the consumer group found some 74% said they are dissatisfied with charging infrastructure.

Two out of five (40%) reported finding a non-working charger, while 61% have suffered difficulties making payments.

Of the respondents, 20% EV owners who no longer use the public charging infrastructure were put off by a lack of adequate charge points, while 21% of drivers who have never used the public networks have been put off for the same reason.

Meanwhile, 84% of EV owners who use public chargers want the option of paying by a contactless bank card, the survey suggests. Most charge points require drivers to pay through an app.

Distance was another issue, with 45% of those questioned estimating that the nearest public on-street charge point to their home is more than a 20-minute walk away.

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Sue Davies, head of consumer protection policy at Which?, said: "Our research shows that the public EV charging infrastructure is falling short as many drivers struggle to find reliable charging points in good working order, have to navigate confusing payment systems, or are unable to rely on adequate charging points close to their homes or to get them through a long journey.

"The government must move quickly to implement its plans to improve the consumer experience of using the public charging networks by extending reliability standards across the full network and ensuring proposals for payment roaming make paying to charge much simpler.

"Charging must be easy, reliable and seamless to support people making the move to an electric car."

The latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show the rapid increase in sales of new pure electric cars has slowed in recent months.

The number of registrations during the first three months of the year was 102% more than during the same period in 2021. At the end of August, the year-to-date increase had fallen to 49%.

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