Saturday, September 17, 2022

donald .....they think ....he says

 The only thing that seperates donald trump from most other politicians he says........ what the other spineless .......gutless .......ball less ........weak politicians are thinking ........ but afraid to say are always going to have this .....they all think like doanld ....but are weak pussies .......donald  is the voice of  straight blooded males .....the rest are democrats  who are shit  scared  and soaked in dear  stands to reason .........

Donald Trump shares 'fat-shaming' photo of Chris Christie on Truth Social following critical Mar-a-Lago interview

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  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump
    45th President of the United States
Donald Trump, Chris Christie
Former President Donald Trump, left, and former Republican Gov. Chris Christie, right, in a composite image.Getty Images
  • Donald Trump shared a photo on Truth Social of a large man leaning over a buffet counter.

  • He captioned the post: "Chris Christie at a Roy Rogers at 11PM in the evening trying to console himself."

  • Trump has been accused of "fat-shaming" Chris Christie after he gave a critical ABC News interview.

Former President Donald Trump used his social media platform Truth Social to mock former Republican Gov. Chris Christie over his weight.

On Friday, Trump shared an image of a man leaning over a buffet counter, along with the caption: "Chris Christie at a Roy Rogers at 11 PM in the evening trying to console himself."

It's unclear who the man in the picture is, or if it is indeed Christie, but it seems that the former president chose the image and the caption to imply that his former friend is overweight.

It follows Trump last month asking his Truth Social followers: "Why are people so mean?"

Former President Donald Trump posts about Chris Christie on Truth Social.
Former President Donald Trump posts about Chris Christie on Truth Social.@realDonaldTrump/ Truth Social

Christie, who revealed in 2013 that he underwent weight loss surgery, has faced public attacks on his physical appearance throughout his career.

Speaking to CNN in 2021, he said: "I could be talking about the Iran nuclear deal, and I'll get a response from somebody on email or Twitter or Facebook or wherever saying, 'You fat S.O.B. You blah, blah, blah.'"

On social media, people accused the former president of "body-shaming" and "fat-shaming" Christie in his Truth Social post.

Trump's post follows an interview Christie gave to ABC News' "This Week" last Sunday, in which he discussed the FBI raid on Trump's Florida country club, Mar-a-Lago, in a search for missing classified documents.

During the FBI's raid of Mar-a-Lago, agents seized 11 sets of classified documents, including some marked "top secret." Some of the documents may have concerned nuclear weaponsThe Washington Post reported.

Christie said Trump likely left the Justice Department "no choice" but to raid Mar-a-Lago, adding that it's important to "take a step back" to think about why the DOJ carried out the raid in the first place.

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