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All that glitters...........


You see ...i live in south florida  .....not the sunshine state ....the wanker state ......where  everyone shows off their  shit .......and you  can bet your clit to a clown carnival .......most of it is bollocks .........

when i see a tosser  showing off their cars/bling/house/bitches/boats/etc...etc.........i always think who did they do wrong to get  it ........most people are  full of shit ......the honest are not  rich ........they are poor because they are honest ........everyone  who makes money......... launders it somehow  they are told too's dishonesty's part of business ........and here is prime example ......a launderer  for the irish cartel .......shock/surprise/oh no!/impossible........well no!!!!!greed is  the  fools  way .....they like the  attention ....but iof you are doing wring ....its  just a  matter of  time this fella  takes  a  shit  ....oh and  blood farts in jail ........

In essence though its not that far apart from the govt system ....only they call it taxing.......... the masses asses


Costa ‘crook’ behind celebrity vodka brand linked to 38 murders and ‘helped launder £173million’

GRINNING for the camera next to celebrity couple Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright, Johnny Morrissey holds aloft a bottle of his family’s famous vodka.

The booze brand, owned by his glamorous wife Nicola, had made the couple the toast of the Costa Del Sol, with celebs lining up to pose with the luxury drink.

Johnny Morrissey and wife Nicola's glitzy lifestyle saw Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan attend a bash they hosted
Johnny Morrissey and wife Nicola's glitzy lifestyle saw Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan attend a bash they hostedCredit: Solarpix
Morrissey was led away in handcuffs earlier this month after a dawn raid by Spanish police
Morrissey was led away in handcuffs earlier this month after a dawn raid by Spanish policeCredit: Solarpix

But last week the glitzy lifestyle Johnny and Nicola Morrissey built for themselves in Marbella came crashing down when they were arrested in their bed at gunpoint.

Now it is alleged that their Nero Premium Vodka company — named after Rome’s bloodthirsty fifth emperor — was merely a front for a massive money-laundering operation.

Johnny has been linked to 38 ­murders and is thought to be a key player in the Kinahan Cartel — an Irish crime syndicate alleged to be involved in a drug-smuggling racket worth millions of pounds.

And Spanish cops believe that the 62-year-old, known as “Johnny Cash”, could have played a key role in laundering £173million in the past 18 months alone.

Morrissey is the first of seven cartel members to be arrested since they were named by US officials as part of a major crackdown on the cartel in April.

The pair were pictured being led away in handcuffs, with Morrissey trying to cover his face and Nicola giving photographers the finger.

Yesterday, the Civil Guard released footage of baldy Manchester-raised Morrissey sat bare-chested in a pair of tropical shorts as police searched his home.

Officers were also filmed putting wads of confiscated cash through counting machines and searching cars at a separate address.

They were allegedly used to move cash and drugs in hidden compartments. A member of the Gardai was part of the global team of cops that arrested Morrissey.

Officers from Britain’s National Crime Agency, Europol and the US DEA law enforcement agency also took part in Monday’s swoop.


It followed a lengthy probe led by the Civil Guard Unit’s elite Central Operative Unit, responsible for the investigation and prosecution of the most serious forms of crime and organised crime.

Detectives said the starting point for the investigation was the seizure at the start of last year of 200kg of cocaine and nearly €500,000 in cash hidden in vehicles with “sophisticated concealment systems”.

One of the alleged members of the criminal group smashed by cops ran a second-hand car dealership.

Nearly a dozen searches took place in Spain and the UK. They include two Glasgow places thought to be related to Nero Drinks.

Today the Civil Guard told how Morrissey — who wasn’t named by cops — “devoted himself to ­collecting large amounts of money in cash from criminal organisations operating in our country and ­handing it through the hawala ­system to organised criminal groups in other countries and vice-versa”.


They added: “Investigators were able to corroborate that during the time the investigation lasted, he allegedly managed to transfer more than €200million.”

And outlining the role Nero Drinks played, the Civil Guard said: “The principal members of the organisation in Spain allegedly created a luxury vodka brand promoted at shows, parties and events at nightclubs and restaurants in luxury Costa del Sol environments, presenting it as a successful drinks brand.

“This couldn’t be further from reality because according to information from tax authorities, it couldn’t be funding the lifestyle of the people arrested.”

The crackdown was welcomed by Assistant Garda Commissioner Paul Cleary, from the Gardai’s Serious and Organised Crime.

He said: “The actions that have taken placed over the past few days in Spain, highlight the resilience and determination of international law enforcement to combine our resources to disrupt and dismantle criminal networks.


“An Garda Siochana will continue to work closely with all our international partners, targeting transnational organised crime gang who profit from drug trafficking and impact so negatively on our society and in particular those networks that cause the most harm to our communities here in Ireland.”

Morrissey was one of seven ­people sanctioned by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control in April.

They said Morrissey was so close to cartel boss Daniel he was invited to his wedding in Dubai in the summer of 2017.

The Americans said he’s worked for the cartel “for several years, including as an enforcer, and facilitates international drug shipments for the organisation from South America”.

Pointing out his involvement in money laundering, Morrissey was said to be “playing an integral part in organising the supply of drugs in Ireland” — the same statement attached to boss Daniel by the US.

Others named as part of a ­$5m appeal for info were Daniel’s dad Christy ‘Dapper Don’, his brother Christopher Jnr and Dublin-born criminal Bernard Clancy.

They also pointed the finger at Daniel’s “advisor and closest confidant” Sean McGovern and Ian Dixon who was arrested over the 2015 Costa del Sol murder of Gary Hutch but never charged.

The US government is offering $5 million for information on the Kinahan crime gang or for the arrest and conviction of its leaders
The US government is offering $5 million for information on the Kinahan crime gang or for the arrest and conviction of its leadersCredit: Garda Handout
Morrissey could have laundered over €200million in the last 18 months
Morrissey could have laundered over €200million in the last 18 monthsCredit: Solarpix
Johnny Morrissey and wife Nicola Morrissey
Johnny Morrissey and wife Nicola Morrissey
Spanish police searched Morrissey's home
Spanish police searched Morrissey's home
Dramatic footage has been released of the arrest
Dramatic footage has been released of the arrest

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