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$1million bucks......... they use that in a weekend in fort lauderdale .....just the strip clubs and bouncers  go through that on two nights .....(just a metaphor of how bad drugs are here )......they are really shitty .......still how do they survive without it know who i mean ......

I personally thought the snow storm was over south florida  ....apparently not ....still as bad as ever...... i mean a million dollars worth of snow/chooch./dust/percy/white/charlie/bolivian marching Escobar....... and still fuckers  are  shoving that shit up their nose  ...mind you a 1000 people a day move to south florida ........ and i bet half of these jack offs are fucking nose junkies .......i don't get stuff that shrinks your  dick and  makes you palms sweat sir !!.....but hey if you  love  feeling that elevated  sense of  being a complete fucking dick !!!!!!......then cocaina right for you's the  drug of narcissists...... or stock traders ........or  investment brokers....... or  plastic surgeons ........and of course we leave the best for last....... the good old fashioned  american stripper  girl .....they love that shit  as  much as a  shark loves tourists .....(just a  metaphor.) me a  girl who loves twirling around a brass pole .....and i will show you a bag of  charles will be very very popular......

WFLA Tampa

Over $1M worth of cocaine taken off Florida streets after 6-month narcotics investigation, deputies say

Katlyn Brieskorn - Yesterday 7:46 PM

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) - Over $1 million worth of cocaine was taken off Florida streets after a 6-month narcotics investigation in Citrus County, deputies said.

Over $1M worth of cocaine taken off Florida streets after 6-month narcotics investigation, deputies say
Over $1M worth of cocaine taken off Florida streets after 6-month narcotics investigation, deputies say© Provided by WFLA Tampa

The sheriff’s office’s Tactical Impact Unit said it wrapped up the investigation that resulted in the arrested of 38-year-old Felix Abdiel Pintado Bernard, 28-year-old Angel Alberto Seda Ways, and 32-year-old Jennifer Medina Lozada.

Deputies said the arrests came after the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team served a search warrant at two homes on Kensington Avenue in Lecanto.

Deputies said the two homes were being used to traffic large quantities of cocaine.

The homes were originally identified through a traffic stop where Ways was found to be in possession of cocaine, deputies said.

The sheriff’s office said it began a joint investigation with the United States Postal Inspection Service, United States Marshal Service, United States Department of Homeland Security Investigations Tampa Airport Division, United States Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations – Tampa Marine Unit, Hernando County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and the State Attorney’s Office of the Fifth Judicial Circuit.

Investigators said they learned that packages of cocaine were being mailed to multiple addresses within Citrus County, then picked up and delivered to the Kensington addresses.

Over a six-month span, deputies said multiple kilos of cocaine were seized by TIU. Through each seizure, investigators said more information was gathered, which culminated in probable cause for the search warrant.

While serving the search warrant, Ways and Lozada both fled from the property but were taken into custody by perimeter units within seconds, deputies said.


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