Friday, September 2, 2022

a lemon

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Don Lemon once again spars with conservative pundit for mischaracterizing Biden’s words

On Don Lemon Tonight Thursday, Lemon once again sparred with conservative pundit Scott Jennings. On Wednesday, Lemon got fed up with Jennings attempting to mischaracterize statements made by President Joe Biden about the MAGA movement in the United States. Following Biden’s speech Thursday in Philadelphia, the two once again butted heads when Jennings ignored what Biden said, and tried to twist the president’s words to mean something they didn’t. Biden made a clear distinction between what he sees as the average Republican voter, and the MAGA Republican.

“You said, I’ve heard you say it today and I heard you say it last night, ‘Well, he didn’t say vote for any Republicans.’ What Republican would he vote for?” Lemon asked Jennings. “Should he vote for the guy in Pennsylvania who is saying that the election was stolen?”

But Jennings continued to try to make it seem as though the president lumped all Republican voters together.

“He tries to make a distinction in the speech between the MAGA Republicans that he hates, and then the Republicans he claims he can work with,” Jennings said. “But the core point of the speech is, you shouldn’t be voting for any Republicans. So how can he go out and say I want to work with some Republicans and not others…” “Did you hear him say don’t vote for any Republicans?” Lemon asked, interrupting Jennings. “Did he explicitly say don’t vote for any Republicans?”

And Lemon pointed out to Jennings that everything he was saying about Biden could be said about former President Donald Trump.

“I’m just telling you, no Republican is gonna be persuaded by that,” Jennings said. “And I think having a uni-party state doesn’t sound like much of a democracy to me.” “Okay, I just think that everything you just said applies to Donald Trump,” Lemon retorted. “Everything you just said applies to Donald Trump.”

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