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this is why i am single

 Mother in laws .....are nothing more  than cock blockers ........they do nothing but get in the way of  marriage .......they are always sticking their fucking noses  n  ....and  always the daughter .........they are all karens  .........everyone  .....women being  emotional  fuck ups and  all .....that does not help .....both my wives  ....ex wives ,.........were always in the  business ......and the wife is a  fucking snotch  ......always  told her mother the bad  shit  ...never the good  shit .......they area  fucking pain in the ass ...........

Mother-in-law brings sheet cake to daughter’s wedding without permission: 'Who brings a cake to someone else’s wedding?'

A woman was upset after her fiancée’s mother insisted on helping with the wedding and brought an unasked-for grocery store cake to the wedding reception.

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The woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A****? (AITA)” forum to ask her fellow Redditors if she was in the wrong for being frustrated with her now mother-in-law.

The woman explained that she and her now-wife have been together for a decade and recently decided to get married. Because the woman and her partner are “low-key” people, they decided to have a small ceremony.

“We found a small venue that had a cool aesthetic (no need to decorate!) that we could afford,” the woman explained. “We booked it and called our parents to let them know.”

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Immediately, the woman’s mother-in-law-to-be wanted to involve herself in wedding planning. First, she insisted on providing party favors, which ended up being inappropriate for the wedding the couple had in mind.

“She said that she was planning to go to the Dollar Tree and make Irish themed gift baggies, with shamrocks and Irish flags on them (we both have distant Irish heritage, but we’re American),” the woman explained. “I immediately shut that down.”

Then the mother-in-law-to-be began giving the woman and her fiancée negative feedback on their wedding choices.

“My then-fiancée kept having to literally beg her mom to stop complaining. She never did,” the woman recalled. “Everything was a problem.”

The final straw was when the fiancée’s mother insisted on bringing a grocery store sheet cake to the wedding!

“But the worst (for me) was that her mom called a week before the wedding declaring that she was going to bring a cake if we weren’t providing one,” the woman wrote, explaining that she and her fiancée had decided to serve macarons instead of cake at the wedding.

The woman and her fiancée told the mother-in-law-to-be not to bring a cake, but she ignored them.

“It was an ugly, white sheet cake that was cracked right down the middle between our names,” the woman recalled. “I told my wife, it disappeared, [and] I spent the rest of my wedding trying to stop being so angry.”

“Who brings a cake to someone else’s wedding?”

Now the woman’s mother-in-law is upset, and the woman wants to know if she behaved unfairly. Overall, the answer from Reddit was a resounding no! Redditors agreed that the woman’s mother-in-law was the one who behaved unreasonably.

“I have never heard anyone say, ‘I’m so glad the guest brought the food I chose to not have,’” one Redditor joked.

“Who brings a cake to someone else’s wedding?” asked another Redditor.

“Double down and send her mom a thank you gift consisting of macarons,” suggested another Redditor.

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